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Some influencers have thousands of followers who trust them. If a popular influencer speaks highly of your product, you will suddenly gain a huge new base of potential customers. There are countless ways to use social Spain Phone Number media to promote your company and grow your business. Make sure each of the following is also shareable so your business can have the widest impact. facebook images Host a Facebook Sweepstakes Offering products in sweepstakes is a great way to grow your Facebook followers. Make it easy for them to enter and keep the “Like our page” button nearby so users can follow you.

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Make the prize one of your own so that non-winners are still motivated to buy. Use Facebook Live Facebook Live is a relatively new addition to the platform and is a great opportunity to engage with potential Spain Phone Number customers. Real-time interactions make your company seem more human and relevant. One of the ways you can do this is to have live interviews where people can ask questions and you’ll respond right away. Facebook Live Illustration You can also use Facebook Live to advertise new products or collections.

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Ask people to tag friends Many people like the ability to tag friends in Facebook posts. Use it in your marketing. Post relevant photos related to your brand with captions that inspire people to tag friends. Tag a Spain Phone Number friend feature picture For example, if you run an outdoor clothing company, you could post a photo of people hiking in your clothes and caption the image tag someone you want to go on an adventure with. It draws people’s emotions into your brand, which can often encourage them to give you business. Respond to customer complaints or concerns Responsibility and care are attractive qualities in any company.

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