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They may have been burned out by a freelancer in their field before, and as a result are suspicious of anyone who practices his trade, a bias rooted in both ignorance (of his trade) and experience.” Bryce adds that by taking the time to resolve a customer’s problem and the outcomes that matter to you, you can align expectations. “Likewise, if you take the time to educate your clients on how your work addresses problems and achieves meaningful results, your expectations are appropriately framed for what’s possible,” he says. “People can be cautious about their ignorance, their budget and their needs. Taking the time to understand and address these issues not only aligns expectations, but also builds trust.” You may also be interested in: 4 quick ways to build trust with a new client.

Communication Building Customer Relationships: Communication One of the main challenges of a successful relationship with a client is communication. You need to come to a mutual understanding of what you are really doing. That, as Haraldur Thorleifsson points out, is the first step in a successful project, but also sometimes one of the Nicaragua B2B List most difficult. Jaimee Newberry recommends always listening first. “Then ask the right questions early on so you know where your customer is and what problems they’re trying to solve,” he suggests. “Most of the time we think we are communicating well, but most of the time we need to communicate ten times more than we are. The breakdown occurs when clarity of vision is lost. Nine times out of 10, any frustration on either side occurs because we don’t communicate enough with our customers.”

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Nine times out of 10, any frustration on either side occurs because we don’t communicate enough with our customers. Jaimee Newberry, Co-Founder and CEO of Picture This Clothing Newberry adds that by communicating openly and discussing things up front, the client will understand that projects will almost always require a change from a concrete plan. They will also realize that it is okay to disagree, as long as you can have a healthy dialogue and come to an agreement. UX designer and strategist Gail Swanson agrees. Good communication starts right at the beginning of any project. “People should do themselves a favor and prepare for launches by designing questions instead of creating a deep post-market approach platform,” he explains. “Make the most of that moment by starting a conversation that produces a shared understanding.”


Customer lifetime value Building Customer Relationships.  Lifetime Value Whether you’re self-employed or running a studio. It’s also important to focus on customer lifetime value. Your first project with a new client is the start of a new relationship.  And thinking of that relationship as a long-term opportunity will serve you well. Recommends writer, designer, and speaker Christopher Murphy. “Instead of constantly focusing.  On finding new customers, focus on taking care of the customers you have.  Instead of constantly focusing on finding new clients.  Focus on taking care of the clients you have. Christopher Murphy, writer.  Designer and speaker Most of Christopher’s work comes from a small number of clients.  Broadly following the Pareto Principle. “Eighty percent of my income comes from 20 percent of my customers,” he explains.

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I focus on ensuring that the 20 percent is and for. And that has led, over the course of my 25-year career.  To many satisfied customers and a steady stream of income. So, as it happens, the best way to turn a customer relationship into a lasting partnership is to break down.  Walls and start seeing the customer as exactly that: a mutual partner. Try to find a shared understanding by discovering your common goals. What are you trying to accomplish? How will you know when you have achieved it? What would each of you like to contribute? You may also be interested in: Infographic: How to build long-term relationships with customers. Change the way you build customer relationships The benefits of changing the way you see your customers and your relationship with them are enormous.

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