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Indiegogo 4. Something to read: Design Systems by Alla Kholmatova gifts for designers: book The Gift: In this digital age, it’s a testament to Smashing Magazine’s incredible production values ​​and editorial influence that these beautiful hardcover books still grace the coffee tables and desks of many of our industry’s workers. Their latest offering, by Alla Kholmatova, explores crafting streamlined design systems that work perfectly, and is sure to inspire the lucky recipient to get a head start in the office come the new year. The price: $29 Where to buy it: Smashing Magazine 5. Something to Write: Self-Expression Card Kit gifts for designers: cards The gift: a fantastic stocking filler from the creative team at these blank grids come with letter and shape stickers, so you can quickly create the perfect card for any occasion.

Become the hero of your office as you deftly produce a sweet handmade birthday note for the intern who  Egypt WhatsApp Number List that table in the production database” card for your heartbroken co-worker. job. The price: $12 Where to buy: Bando 6. Something To Do: Cube Portable Digital Colorizer gifts for designers: cube The Gift: Super fun and potentially super useful, this stylish little box lets you capture and record any color, from any surface. It will then be stored and digitized, ready to use in your latest design work or project. A suite of creative apps help you get started with hues you’ve searched for in nature, importing precision colors into Photoshop, and much more. The ideal gift for creatives who can be inspired at any time. The price: $139 Where to buy it: Palette.

Something to Wear

Something to travel with: the Twist+ Travel Adapter gifts for designers: adapters The Gift. Another modern day essential, this brilliantly compact travel device is the world’s first global charger designed specifically for Macbook. Works in over 150 countries, you can switch between a US, UK, Australian and European plug with a satisfying tactile twist. On top of that, it will charge four USB devices at once (time to get out that keychain…). The price: $44.99 Where to buy: OneAdaptr 8. Something To Chew: Mug Cakes: 40 Speedy Cakes To Make In A Microwave gifts for designers: mug cakes The Gift: Because sometimes our designer and developer heroes have to work during their lunch hour, and those days call for cake! Since most offices come equipped with microwaves and mugs.


This book provides the inspiration for a wide variety of quick mid-afternoon snacks to get. You through the final sprint of your latest project. On days when you just don’t have time. to do it. Venture out for your sugar fix. The price: $11.61 Where to buy it: Barnes & Noble.  Something to drink: Deathwish coffee gifts for designers: coffee The Gift.  For the designer or developer who regularly spends marathons.  Staying up late in front of their screen. This is the closest thing to a decent nap or matchsticks in your eyelids. Death Wish Coffee promises the strongest cup of coffee in the world. Imbuing its consumer with mental clarity, heightened focus.  And, I imagine, saucer-sized pupils.

Pakt One Travel Bag

It also claims to offer subtle notes of cherry and chocolate. But let’s face it, you’re not drinking this for the flavour. And you’ll probably be too hooked up to notice anyway! Make no mistake: this is rocket fuel. The price: $19.99 Where to Buy.  Death Wish Coffee 10. Something to sleep.  The original ostrich pillow gifts for designers: pillow Where to buy it.  Dreamlike in every sense of the word; sleep anywhere! Assuming they ever come down from the Deathwish caffeine rush.  Give your devoted creative coder or designer the gift of the ultimate nap on the go.  Perfect for days when they need to recharge before a big presentation.  Hide from a sneaky client.  Or just stick your head in the sand and pretend that disastrous usability testing session never happened. The price: $99 Where to buy it.

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