Social Networks Should Lead to One Place: Your Home in Cyberspace

Within his participation in the 4th national marketing congress. Bahrain WhatsApp Number List, lawyer specialist in computer law, exposed the most important legal points that community managers must take into account when developing an advertising campaign. So that they know what is allowed and thus avoid possible economic and even criminal sanctions. More related articles: take care of your personal branding in social networks and find a job men, the less clothes, the less iq cyberbullying in social networks is the fifth cause of death among young people learn the legal framework of information technologies, which include aspects such as electronic commerce, consumer protection, electronic signature, information security, personal data, among others. Know the legal framework of the activities you carry out as a community manager. Master the regulations of social networks.

Peoplelearn the Legal Framework of Information

Both Bahrain WhatsApp Number List and twitter have rules that many ad campaigns ignore. Regulate and care for the content generated by users. Take care of and control the information that you manage, request and publish because it could have an impact on copyright, for example. Due to the lack of information, several violations of the facebook or twitter rules can be incurred, which can cause the brand to be definitively expelled from the network. The president of the mexican association of computer law invited all community managers to be careful with the information they disclose, to monitor everything that circulates on other networks regarding their client and to take into account that everything published within a social network it can become permanent. In conclusion, gómez said: Social networks should lead to a single place: your home in cyberspace.

The President of the Mexican Association

Bahrain WhatsApp Number List

Thus, it will be the task of those. Who manage networks to direct users. To the brand’s Bahrain whatsapp number list. When people really love their brand. They are loyal to it at all times and. Under any circumstance. As indicated by 62 percent of consumers. Who revealed that when. They go to an establishment. Cannot find their favorite brand. Carried out by the merca2.0 research department. More related articles: 6 steps to improve your content. Marketing strategy 360º campaigns. Keys in marketing the value. Of sponsorship during. The fourth national marketing. Congress organized by merci.

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