Social Media Helps Oklahoma Victims

After the tragedy that Croatia WhatsApp Number List occurred yesterday in Oklahoma in which a tornado with more than 300 kilometers of force impacted more than 200,000 people in more, social networks, both face book and twitter , have served to provide messages of support to the city, as well as to keep relatives or friends informed. More related articles: #prayforboston more than a million impressions on twitter nice suspend the sale of the Boston massacre t-shirt explosion premix: twitter as the best means of communication. A group was created on face book. Picture recovery in which you are invited to post photos so that people can identify the things that were lost during the tornado. The group has more than 8 thousand members. Social media has helped identify victims and find survivors.

The Boston Massacre T-shirt Explosion Premix

These media have allowed us to keep updated on this devastating event. The beer brand Croatia WhatsApp Number List. as a sponsor of the primavera sound festival that will take place in Barcelona starting this Wednesday; will offer attendees the possibility of communicating through an app, which will not require coverage 3g that usually fails in massive events. The application , which will be free to download, has been called connect and will work with its own Wi-Fi network to enable concert participants to relocate other attendees, show their position within the event and communicate with messages that will not require the regular coverage provided by telephone operators.

These Media Have Allowed Us to Keep Updated

Croatia WhatsApp Number List

Additionally, connect users will be able. To create Croatia whatsapp number list. Their own agenda of the concerts. Of this festival that they wish to attend. As well as receive, according to their preferences. Information pertaining to the services. Offered by the event and that may be of interest to them. But not everything will be virtual with this application. Because the first 1,500 users who download. It each day of the concert will receive a code. To obtain a free pack of six heineken. Primavera sound special edition beers.

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