Sites That Are Noticeably Slower Experience Conversion Losses

Compared to sites that are blazingly fast. It even negatively affects your organic ranking. However, how do you know you are fast enough? A 2009 study revealed that 40% of consumers refuse to wait more than three seconds for a page to load Belize WhatsApp Number List before leaving the site. If your website takes three and a half or four seconds to load, wrong. So the answer is three seconds or less. That’s how fast your site’s pages have to load if you don’t want your potential customers to go to the competition!

Website Readability:

Make it bigger when your potential customers and visitors can’t understand the content on your site, it means they won’t understand what they’re supposed to do. And that means lousy ux. Should they read the reviews? Watch a video? Maybe they should go straight to the cta? As we have already said, people do not want to read Belize WhatsApp Number List everything you put, so it is essential that you guide visitors through the web . 5. Free shipping works great sometimes adding specific elements to encourage users to buy is all that is needed to increase conversions. It is simply a little push to finish convincing them. For ecommerce/online stores in particular, adding free shipping can significantly increase conversions .

Avoid Navigation Frustration

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Most, web pages and landing pages, for sure, have only one goal: to get users to convert . One of the biggest issues that can negatively impact conversion rates is when a landing page is chaotic because it’s full of navigation links that frustrate Belize WhatsApp Number List and confuse the user away from the target. These links act as distractions. The solution? Eliminate distractions. When you remove distractions from your page, users stop feeling bombarded and tend to relax. They no longer have to process as much information and can focus on the main objective of the page , that is, to buy, subscribe or simply stay on the web. Once you implement a plan to improve the ux, you will begin to see changes in your website, rather.

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