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The problem lies not only in the criteria UAE Phone Number. With which these algorithms make choices, but also in how they influence them. We all know how easy it is to influence Google search results. Search Engine Optimization UAE Phone Number is a marketing branch in itself. The wife of the German Prime Minister is currently experiencing the annoying consequences of this. A number of newspapers accuse her of the UAE Phone Number fact that she used to earn her living as an escort service. Now when you enter her name into the Google search box, it will automatically be completed with the word “prostitute”. What exactly is objective about the truth that algorithms use?

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Moral machines With the data explosion and UAE Phone Number the increasing agility of algorithms, it is no longer an option for developers to think casually about the ethics of code. If we look to the future, the urgency of this theme will manifest itself even more prominently. Google Driverless Cars, the cars that Google has been driving flawlessly UAE Phone Number through California without a human driver for years, are the perfect example of the topicality of machine morality. In the essay ‘ Moral Machines ‘ in The New Yorker, Gary Marcus UAE Phone Number states ,Professor of Psychology at New York University, imagines the following dilemma.

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Suppose you are driving an autonomous UAE Phone Number Google car at about 50 kilometers per hour over a bridge. At the same time, a school bus with 40 children on board runs into trouble on the same bridge and crosses in front of your car. Should the car swerve in front of the bus and potentially endanger the life of its passenger, or UAE Phone Number should the car continue to drive, resulting in colliding with the bus and endangering the lives of 40 children? If it is a split second decision, the machine – the algorithm – makes the UAE Phone Number choice. And if things go wrong; who is responsible then? The programmer? The algorithm itself?

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