Set Realistic Expectations

Bengaluru Tickets November 30 — Melbourne, Australia A day with Shopify 2017: Melbourne Deakin Edge—1 Flinders St., Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia Located in Federation Square in central Melbourne, Deakin Edge is a glass theater that looks across the Yarra River towards Melbourne Cricket Ground and Alexandra Gardens. melbourne tickets You may also be interested in: A day with Shopify: a community that makes connections. Spend a day with Shopify Tickets for each A Day with Shopify event are on sale now. Your city-specific conference ticket includes: Seven value-packed sessions Refreshments throughout the day. Lunch A post-event mixer We are also offering a 15 percent discount to groups of two or more.

Enter the discount code GROUP when making the reservation. Spots for A Day with Shopify are limited, so be sure to secure yours today! call for speakers In addition to multiple dates and new locations, A Day with Shopify will also include new speakers. We’re actively looking for speakers who want to share their tips, ideas, and successes  Samoa B2B List with other Shopify Partners. This is an opportunity to position yourself as a leader within the ecosystem and share your invaluable experience with your peers. This is an opportunity to position yourself as a leader within the ecosystem and share your invaluable experience with your peers. We are looking for a wide range of talks that address different aspects of web design, development and marketing.

Interviews Are Not Barbecues,

Topics can include growing, marketing, launching, account and customer management, or anything that is of value to others in your industry. These 30-minute presentations will take place on stage at A Day with Shopify events. They should include practical advice, knowledge sharing or inspiration, and benefit your wider peer group (no self-promotion please). Aren’t you a great talker? Consider doing a lightning talk: a quick, lightning-fast five-minute presentation that covers a tip or trick of the trade. If you’d like to speak or give a lightning talk at any One Day with Shopify event, or if you’re interested in sponsorship opportunities, please fill out the request form linked below. For questions about speaking opportunities, please contact adws[at]shopify[dot]com. The deadline for submitting speakers is now closed.


Keep an eye on the web design and development blog to learn more about A Day with Shopify. More to come City specific information will be coming soon. The detailed schedule for the day, including speakers, previews of each talk.  And hours of operation, will be available soon on the A Day with Shopify website. Also, for more updates, keep an eye on the web design and development blog. As well as our Twitter and Facebook pages. Do you want to know more about A day with Shopify? Check out the talks from last year.In Part 1 of our technical talent search series.  We introduced you to the concepts of hiring roadmaps and intake meetings—building blocks to help.  You develop your new role, understand who a good fit for it, and strategize how he will do it.

Pay Attention to Your Own Behavior

Attract applicants to apply. In Part 2, we cover what sourcing is. When you should consider looking to external candidates for your hiring process.  And how to conduct effective outreach—important processes to ensure you’re bringing the best people into your hiring process. Now, in our final chapter, we will walk you through.  Candidate Experience: The little things you can do to make the hiring process a win-win for you and your candidates. Interviewing 101: How to conduct impactful interviews that allow you to identify the best candidate for your open position. Offers and Refusals: Techniques and tips for making offers to candidates and how to politely let down other candidates with thoughtful and constructive rejections. What is the candidate experience? Candidate experience 2017: What is the candidate experience?

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