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If a customer posts a complaint or concern on social media, please respond with a sincere message of apology. Don’t defend or defend yourself. You can also suggest Sweden Phone Number that they contact you in person to discuss how you can compensate them. It will show that you care about everyone and make your customers feel appreciated. Ignoring customer complaints can make your company appear cold and aloof, and people will be more hesitant to stay true to your brand. Schedule posts on Twitter Many people don’t realize that you can schedule tweets.

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Tweeting consistently is one of the best ways to grow your base, but often people don’t have time to Twitter every day. If you’re busy and overwhelmed with hundreds of responsibilities, spend some time each week using Buffer to schedule posts for a week at a time. social cause advocate Many marketers and business people are reluctant to get involved in Sweden Phone Number social and political issues because of the inevitable controversies that could be damaging to the company. However, expressing support for social causes will give your brand a more sensual and authentic vibe that consumers will appreciate.

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Some companies choose to do this by raising capital. You can start a fund or something similar to encourage followers to donate. However, it’s important to remember that even non-financial advocacy can have an impact. You can encourage small acts of kindness or encourage people to send personal stories and share them on your account. As a less controversial Sweden Phone Number and more interactive option, you can also ask your audience for their personal opinion. Start a poll or quiz so people can vote or express the reasons they think matter most. Use Buzz Sumo on Twitter and interact with other influencers Buzz Sumo is a great way to see what content has the biggest impact on people.

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