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Who makes the decision on design versus technical considerations? Who decides whether to “compensate” for free work? Who decides which project is scheduled first? Lanes can also cover gray areas; for example, you can define that a project manager can make decisions on compensation work up to $1,000 but needs manager approval above $1,000. Once you set up lanes, it’s easier to become “necessary but not required.” 6. Focus on win-win incentive alignment Once team members clearly understand their responsibilities, it’s important to remember that even the best people tend to act with their own best interest in mind. “That means you have to create mutual benefits so both you and your employees get what they want.

That means you have to create mutual benefits so that both you and your employees get what they want. If you d Colombia WhatsApp Number List someone to do, and that person wants to do it because it furthers their own goals, there is an alignment of incentives. For example, maybe someone on your team wants to be promoted. You explain that they need to learn a certain set of skills before you can consider them for those roles. You and they can look for opportunities to practice those skills. Another example of a win-win in an agency is the acquisition of shares for new owners, which encourages people to stay with the agency, instead of leaving to find a new job.

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The key employee gets the ownership stake they want, and you’re happy they’re more likely to stay. Be careful, however, not to provide the wrong incentives. For example, the wrong incentives for a salesperson may encourage them to sell work that their agency cannot deliver. That just creates new headaches; we have all seen what happens then. Instead, challenge your salespeople to sell “perfect fit” projects and create criteria to define which prospects are qualified. Team management skills: self-care. 7. Don’t forget personal care Finally, don’t forget to put on your own oxygen mask first. On my first call with new clients, they often admit that they feel burned out.


That burnout is not conducive to being an effective agency leader. Do you feel totally overwhelmed? Look at your calendar for this coming Friday. Consider canceling everything and taking a “mental health day” for self-care. Recruit your team to help you and set up automated emails that tell customers who can help for them while you’re away. Do you feel like there’s no way you can afford a day off? You probably need the PTO even more. Can’t you really spare a whole day? There are many ways to recharge in 15 minutes or less. As a leader, spend time on mental health now to avoid costly mistakes later. You may also be interested in: What is impostor syndrome?

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6 ways for designers and developers to get over it. Take action as a manager As I mentioned earlier, managing people in an agency is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Ready to take action? I challenge you to pick one of the seven tips I’ve shared here and start using it next week. It will improve your life… and that of your team. Worth it! What is the first tip you are going to start using next week to improve your management? Tell us in the comments section below! I have focused more on building relationships, sharing knowledge and learning what I can from others. So I wrote blog posts, spoke at Shopify meetups, and did some podcast interviews telling my little story, which is personal.” Sharing your story helps you find your people and build powerful connections.

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