Seat App Warns “Dad, Don’t Run” When You Exceed the Speed Limit

The car brand seat has just launched an application for mobile phones that Belgium WhatsApp Number List serves as that old graphic resource that consisted of the children’s photo with the message ” dad, don’t run “, only this time the phrase will be directly spoken by loved ones at the most appropriate time: when you exceed the speed limit while driving. To achieve this, the application will broadcast the message recorded by the driver’s children (or another loved one) as soon as it detects that the allowed speed has been exceeded and as many times as it has been programmed. In addition, it will provide information on the route that is made showing the points in which it has been exceeded, to take them into consideration on the next occasion.

Application Will Broadcast the Message Recorded

The seat safe drive application is free and is available in Spanish and English for ios and Belgium WhatsApp Number List android. Gladiator, a brand owned by Coca-Cola, has launched a new campaign in Mexico in which it converts the packaging of its product into a usb. Application Will Broadcast the Message Recorded. Mexico df-. Coupled with, Gladiator , an energy drink brand owned by Coca-Cola , has launched a new campaign in Mexico in which it converts the packaging of its product into a usb that allows consumers. In like manner,  to store information in the cloud. Hand in hand with the new agency , gladiator has developed the “usb can” campaign which plays with the difficulty, often common, of finding a usb when it is most needed.

The Packaging of Its Product Into a Usb

Belgium WhatsApp Number List

Related notes: domino’s turns a Belgium whatsapp number list. Into a pizza puma invites you to say it dancing. With its new dictionary of movements. In the light of,  Try a smart to find the car that has been towed in moscow thus. The can works as a memory once consumers have accessed. The campaign portal and have registered. In it using their facebook account. Not to mention, Once this process is done. All you have to do is capture an image of. In addition, The can with the computer. Camera and select the file you want to store. To access the information stored in the can. Simply replicate the captured image. Select the option to download the material. The intelligent can has been promoted through. A viral commercial where the unique.

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