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The home page is simply a grid of products with no titles or prices. And it’s even unclear which collection we’re looking at. A collaboration between digital designers Lane Goldberg and David Baker. The site is a master class in building a very minimalist. Yet functional online store. It only takes four mouse clicks to get you to the checkout.  And there are no unnecessary ads or banners to distract from the browsing and shopping experience. The product page itself is deliberately empty. A basic image gallery, a dropdown of variants.  And a six-word product description in Courier.  The font of choice for many brutalist designers. The developers have ditched a header in favor of the sparse.  Navigation menu that appears at the bottom of the page.

The distinct absence of trying to tell a customer story.  Or even communicate any background to this brand, is one of the most obvious features of this site.  Without even an “About Us” page. This makes for a refreshing interaction without many Belgium Business Fax List  of the distractions customers have come to expect. Bonus points are #TeamYeezy for performance.  As the home page loads in 0.9 seconds, making it the fastest loading site we tested. This is no easy task considering there are 32 images on the page.  Proving that a brutalist approach pays off in efficiency. Carbon beauty brutalist web design: carbon While most of the Carbon. Beauty website may look like a regular e-commerce website. Complete with attractive scrolling animation and dynamic images.  There are influences from the brutalist attitude.

How to Calculate a Realistic Rate

This is especially visible on product pages, which feature the crisp, bold lines typically reserved for graphic designers’ intentionally bare websites. The cosmetics brand achieves a very specific tone. Paying attention to the smallest details. Like the quantity selectors, which are carefully minimalist and practical. The influence of the graphic design of the page is not hidden, and the design of all the different elements is a perfect combination of art and functionality. The starkest feature on the page, however, is the customer review box, which is impressive in its monochrome simplicity. It looks like the box could have been quickly laid out with a pen and ruler, producing a scrapped feel similar to the sectioned pages we saw earlier with LastName & LastName.


Balenciaga brutalist web design: balenciaga Haute couture clothing brand Balenciaga takes brutalist design to its most elemental limits, with a site that takes customers on a shopping experience like no other they’ve found online. When the home page loads, you’d be forgiven if you think there’s a problem with the style sheet, considering how crude its design is. The simple wireframe layout gives customers the option to click on two huge boxes, “Women” or “Men,” that dominate the page. Once you choose your gender, another page of simple boxes loads, each representing a collection. Then another page of subcollections loads, until finally you get to a product page and you can see some images. This type of site is almost the opposite of what customers expect to see, and some may even find the “container options” and lack of images cold or ugly.

Make Sure It Works!

However, there is no denying that the site provokes a reaction, be it surprise, humor or admiration. The website works too, as the simple design directs the customer to the type of clothing they are looking for, and it is possible that such an extraordinary website encourages customers to explore further once they have chosen a product. One thing is for sure, you won’t soon forget about Balenciaga. You may also be interested in: Working with clothing customers: trends, applications and issues to consider. Make sure it works! While brutalist web design may seem like a bold departure from the norm, and it can be inspiring to see what happens when designers experiment with unusual techniques, the style does have its limitations.

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