Use the Same Image Resolution Another of the Most Common Errors

That a responsive website with development problems. Can, present is that, when creating it, images with a single resolution have been used. For, all its display modes, without taking into account the different devices. Resolution-images this is a mistake, since the ideal is not to use the highest resolution version. For, the desktop Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List sizes. But, to use images of different dimensions . In addition to looking better this way. It, will optimize the loading of such images. Which, might otherwise be unnecessarily heavy. Do not design for touch screens working on a responsive website. Doesn’t, just mean working with different screen sizes.

It Also Means Taking into

Account different input methods by users, and that includes touch-touchscreens thus, the mistake you should avoid is to ignore this type of functionality. For example, don’t place elements too close together , as this could cause the user to Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List accidentally touch the one they don’t want.  Also, you have to pay special attention to the corners , since they are used differently depending on the type of device. For example, for small screens it is advisable to place call-to-action buttons or links in the lower-left corner.

Instead, on Medium Screens,

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Makes it easier to access is to place those same buttons in the upper corners. 6. Not considering performance when you design a responsive web page, you will surely want the user experience to be as optimal as possible, and that can Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List depend on the load time . That said user has to wait a few seconds too long can be fatal, and it is a problem that you should avoid. Therefore, the page must always be optimize. So, that it can perform regardless of the device or the quality of the internet connection that the user uses. Performance-web to achieve this, it is recommended to limit the number and size of images.

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