Is a Concept Related to the Loading Times of a Web Page

Now you know why the wpo is important. But, what exactly does wpo mean? How can it be improved? How does it affect seo positioning? Throughout the article, we answer all these questions! What does wpo stand for? What is wpo? Wpo (web performance optimization). Explained in more detail, we can say that the wpo refers to the ability of a website to show all Bolivia WhatsApp Number List its content to users in the shortest possible time. To understand this concept well, it is important that you know how to differentiate between a web page and a website. The latter refer to a set of pages.


If we want to optimize the loading time of a website, it will be necessary to optimize each of the pages that make it up. Web-performance-factors source: of improving the performance of a website still wondering if it’s worth improving the loading speed of a website? In case you have any questions, in this section, we will talk about the Bolivia WhatsApp Number List advantages of the wpo:-increase the number of visits to the web – without a doubt, you get more recurring visits than a slow website. Visits will also help the page to rank better. Everything is advantages! Decreases bounce rate – this is likely to decrease your bounce rate considerably as if your site takes too long to load then visitors will go to the competition. The most normal thing is that a fast web page,

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However, do you improve the loading speed of a website? What should we take into account to improve the loading speed of a website? Before talking about tools and plugins that can help you. We, will tell you what are the fundamental factors that will help. You, improve the loading speed:-minify CSS and js: with this, we will reduce Bolivia WhatsApp Number List. Content delivery network, content distribution network is a set of servers. That, are distributed in different locations around the world and that are capable of saving a copy of some parts of your website so that when a user accesses the nearest server, it sends the information. Load images with lazy loading : it is a technique that consists of loading the image when the user scrolls and reaches it, it is not loaded before.

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