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Template icon Resources to develop your skills Receive your free copy of the technology products CSV directly to your inbox. Email Enter your email address Get a free copy By entering your email, we will also send you marketing emails related to Shopify. You can unsubscribe at any time. Our virtual gears are turning. Please note that it may take up to 15 minutes for our email to reach your inbox. Tech trends to watch out for When developing stores for clients who sell technology products, it’s important to consider how changes within the industry might affect a store’s design and how the site might integrate with other platforms. By staying on top of these trends, you can implement strategies that are specific to consumer electronics and provide specialized service that is in tune with today’s customers.

How crowdfunding is changing web design Kickstarter is a very low-cost method for budding startups to generate interest in their innovative electronics. The crowdfunding service is the perfect platform to showcase new technology and provides Panama B2B List opportunities to speak directly to potential customers via video and text, while attractive offers allow new brands to stand out. Since crowdfunding campaigns typically focus on a specific product, often linking to a landing page or dedicated website, there is a new movement towards websites that highlight a single product. Designers who focus on this area by developing Kickstarter compatible themes can take advantage of this marketing approach. Some Shopify theme store templates, like Home and Launch, are optimized specifically for single-product stores, and often have the functionality to present your client’s crowdfunding campaign goals and progress.

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According to research by Statista.  The consumer electronics market is expected to account for just under 20%.  Of total e-commerce sales in the US. Showcase your wares and make the most of this lucrative market. Given that electronics can be complex in terms of setup and feature comparison. It’s no surprise that consumers seem to be making key decisions based on the video. Research by Pixibility has shown that on YouTube.  Technology videos accounted for 18.9 billion.  Total views and 483 million views per month in 2014. If there is such a high demand for consumer electronic videos on YouTube. Developers smart people can leverage this to their advantage.  Therefore, By including embeddable videos on product pages.


Retailer Nomad Goods debuted on Kickstarter in the summer of 2014.  And focused on providing super slim and portable USB cable chargers. The team started a campaign to gauge interest in the project and launched it.  Their first product on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $50,000. The product quickly attracted the attention of investors. And the team managed to triple their target funding goal.  Ultimately raising $161,897. Nomad highlights the social benefits of using Kickstarter and.  Points to the powerful effect it had on their growth.  We started as a Kickstarter company. Which gave us the social foundation to grow and market to a wide range of customers. They explain in an interview with Shopify. When a crowdfunding campaign ends. There needs to be a strategy to bring fans back to a dedicated website.

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Shopify Partners can play an important role here by creating a suitable marketing experience that speaks to previous funders and re-engages them with the future of the brand. You may also be interested in: Partner Spotlight. Therefore,  Fifty & Fifty Designs Site for Kickstarter Product. 2. Using videos to showcase products While consumer electronics may not immediately grab the attention like other industries, such as apparel, there is still a strong visual element to marketing them. Video, in particular, can demonstrate the various qualities of a product, including how a product is packaged, how it is configured, and how the product compares to similar products. Full-width videos are becoming especially popular on themes hosted by tech brands, and embeddable videos on product pages can drive conversions for your customers.

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