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Experience certainly doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Pervasive ads can contribute to slower page load speeds, which is to the detriment of Safari. Apple wants to attract as many users as possible to its browser; Removing elements that only harm the user experience seems like a smart way to do this. Moreover, Apple is not the only company to take measures to this effect. For example. Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) initiative is removing HTML to lighter source code that can be displayed more quickly.

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SEO-based content now created for this standard. Where Safari won’t block ads, Google may go further with its next Chrome update. Due to launch early next year, the latest Chrome has included an ad blocker in some early testing. So we’re starting to see browsers acting as intermediaries between Macedonia Phone Number websites and consumers, rather than channels of information. How should SEOs prepare for these changes? Apple’s recent updates serve to further cement mobile SEO’s position as a cornerstone of organic search marketing today. All recent changes have been driven.

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Consumer experience by providing fast and seamless loading of content. Additionally, Apple goes out of its way to ensure that this is the content its customers actually want to see and engage with. This won’t seem revolutionary to many SEOs, who will be very familiar with these concepts by now. However, we need to be aware that SEO affects many other marketing disciplines and understand that our work is essential as brands adapt to this new landscape. Those who embrace this new ecosystem – where consumers are increasingly in control and the onus is on brands and advertisers to create experiences that drive engagement.

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Will reap the greatest rewards. We have learned many lessons and had to adapt to many trends over the past few years in SEO, through the many transitions the industry has gone through. The focus on creating authentic connections through data-driven content may soon apply to many other areas of digital marketing. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily of Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here.

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