Qudian spends a lot of money, but can’t hit a New Oriental

Today’s record-breaking sales are all thanks to money subsidies and violent investment, making Qudian’s pre-made dishes successfully out of the circle, but how many consumers who are invited by the wool will be left after the tide recedes? Is the road to success for pre-made dishes a few hundred million yuan in marketing expenses?

While the public was still calculating the ROI (input-output ratio) for Luo Min’s marketing expenses, the pre-made dishes instantly showed the face of the franchise store.

1. “I, the CEO, deliver pickled fish in the live broadcast room, come quickly!”

“1 cent pickled fish and 1 cent boiled fish, 20,000 orders, everyone go grab it!”

On July 17, the owner of Qudian Luo, who has been testing the water on Douyin for more than a month, invited Jia Nailiang and Fu Seoul to make a big move in the live broadcast room.

The 19-hour live broadcast brought goods, sold 9.87 million pieces of pickled fish for 1 cent, fried yellow beef for 4.9 yuan… and gave away 1,500 iPhone 13s, under the name “Only one day, the boss will give benefits” Qizi, Qudian Luo’s account has gained 4 million followers, and the store broadcast account Qudian Fresh has never been a well-known account, and rushed to about 30 in the list of goods.


“What I want to do is not only to make it affordable for 100,000 people, but to make it affordable for tens of thousands of people.” Luo Min added. “I hope that one day when I don’t do this, my children and friends will feel that Albania Phone Number Luo Min has done something and it is very meaningful.”

 Can the highlights that start with throwing money last for a long time?

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Qudian’s pre-made dishes came out of the circle by throwing money at violence: throwing money at opening advertisements, inviting the best anchors to bring goods, giving the highest product benefits, giving the most iPhones, and investing the most expensive traffic.

But what if you don’t do this?

Luo Min, which started broadcasting on June 15, has a huge “listed company CEO live broadcast with goods” suspended behind him.

At that time, the price of a pickled fish was not too expensive, 9.9 yuan, far lower than the takeaway price, but it did not sell well. There were hundreds of thousands of fans, and the average sales per game was less than several hundred thousand yuan.

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