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Front end developer. The objective of this program: to know how to work in agile mode, to In conclusion create websites using HTML and CSS, to create dynamic China Phone Number List web applications with JavaScript and React, or to communicate with the back-end of the application using an API . For this training, a bac+2 level is required, as well as access to In conclusion high-performance equipment. At the end of this training, learners gain access to the “Software.  Designer Developer” diploma, with the front-end specialty (bac+3/4 level.  Duration: 12 months Type of teaching: Distance learning.  Public admitted: job seeker Price: contact the organization.  Get information for free Python for data science with Stat4decision. This program aims to

acquire a good command of the basics of the Python language.  Be In conclusion able to analyze data, be able to automate their processing and know.  The tools of data science, but also understand the principles of machine learning.  Learners benefit from Datadock and Qualiopi certifications at the end.  Of the training. Duration: 21 hours Type of teaching: Online In-center.  In-company Public In conclusion admitted: current employee, company Price: €1,500 Find out more.  About this training Bootcamp Cloud AWS.  With ISIKA This bootcamp aims to enable

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learners to evolve their architectures and take advantage of the capabilities In conclusion of the AWS Cloud. The objectives of this training: master.  The development of cloud applications using AWS.  Create and maintain code modules on AWS.  Or even understand In conclusion AWS best practices in terms of security.  The training requires having a bac+3 level, notions of DevOps, knowledge.  Of at least one programming language and basic knowledge for.  SpringBoot and WebServices.  Duration: 8 days Type of teaching: In conclusion Online Public admitted.  Current employee, job seeker, company Price.  Contact the organization, can be financed In conclusion CPF Get informed.   For free JavaScript developer with 26 ACADEMY.  This training aims to make learners fully


Operational and able to develop dynamic websites. At the end of the course, In conclusion you will be able to take into account the diversity and requirements of users, to write effective JavaScript code. You will have a good knowledge of web professions and good In conclusion practices in JavaScript. A final exam allows you to validate these skills and gain access to the “Web project quality control” certificate recognized by the State, companies and filed in the Specific Register of France Skills.Guide: how to create a WordPress theme, step by step Here are the steps to create your own WordPress theme. Share the article Alexandra Patard / Published oIn conclusion nSeptember 15, 2020 at 3:03 p.m. themes-wordpress The themes offered by WordPress may have

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certain limitations. Find out how to create your own! WordPress Themes allow you to present a consistent formatting for each page or article published on a site. Those offered by WordPress and its community may show certain limits in terms of the proposed design and you may want or need to have your own theme to customize your site according to your needs. By creating your own theme, you can quickly improve the appearance of your site: stylize and add a new menu, modify certain tags or add HTML and CSS code, retouch the design, customize the footer… If you decide to start creating a WordPress theme, you will need to make sure you find a number of essential features, such as: the

display of the latest articles on the archive pages and on the home page, the In conclusion presence of a menu to highlight certain pages, the consideration of responsive design so that the theme can adapt to different screen resolutions. It is also advisable to test your theme on an online development environment or on a local version before uploading it to your live site. Prerequisites before creating a WordPress theme Before you start, you must have installed WordPress and followed In conclusion the necessary steps, such as choosing your host, installing the CMS files on your server and creating a database, as well as configuring the settings on the admin interface. How to Install WordPress: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide It is also preferable


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