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Acme is looking to extend customer lifetime value by increasing brand engagement through marketing automation. The Solution To establish a marketing automation solution that increases customer lifetime value. Acme agreed to use email marketing automation service provider Klaviyo.  To add automated email workflows to its marketing mix. The play To enable this, we will create auto-triggered email flows for welcome series.  Abandoned carts, and order follow-ups directly in Klaviyo. Exclusions The focus of this project is to create effortless engagement through automation. This means that we will not be creating unique newsletters or newsletter templates as part of this project. If you’d like to explore those options as a new project. We can do so after we complete this automation project.

Measuring Success Based on past experience, our realistic goal is to add an additional 10 percent revenue to Acme Fidget Spinner online sales through automation workflows. Chronology Once we’ve received your responses to our onboarding questions, our timeline for creating draft workflows is two weeks. At this time, we will send a PDF Dominican republic B2B List with screenshots and explanations of the workflows, as well as instructions on how to submit feedback. We will review the workflows within a week of receiving feedback and then go live. After 30 days, we’ll review the results of the various campaigns and recommend next steps. Investment We require a one-time investment of $2,495 USD to add email marketing automation to your business. We require 100 percent payment up front to reserve time on our calendar (it’s a better system than the surprise balloon bills other agencies use).

Customer Data Aggregation

Performance Guarantee We stand behind our work and will refund.  Your full fee if we find evidence that we have not performed in a professional and ethical manner. The statement of work above, sent in a plain text email, should make.  It as easy as possible for a new client, starting a new project and a new working relationship, to confidently say. Yeah, let’s get on with it!  You should not leave anything to chance. You may also be interested in. The Counterintuitive Approach to Landing Your First Client. make your case. The way you approach a statement of work is no different than the way your customers approach eCommerce sales. Treat each job statement like a copywriting exercise, a sales letter meant to demonstrate how your hire will improve the store owner’s business.


Instead of hiring your hands as an hourly labor, this approach works because it establishes your problem-solving expertise and focuses on the project outcome. My clients feel happy to be working with a professional who knows what she is doing. Success in customer onboarding In the end, whatever approach you take to client onboarding, the key is to tailor your approach to each client and let it evolve. The initial stages of any project are crucial and there may be challenges along the way, but once you get past them, the partnership can truly flourish. Also, try to avoid launching a project quickly and never thinking about the client again. Susan Snipes believes in continuous improvement. “Truly wanting clients to be successful and genuinely caring about the websites I produce means there is a high probability of creating a lasting partnership.”

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For some additional resources, check out Laura Elizabeth’s freelancer’s guide to client onboarding, or read about the secrets to keeping clients on the sidelines, by Tom Dougherty, director of UX at Delete. How do you work to incorporate your clients? What approaches and strategies do you use? Tell us in the comments section below!Authenticity in affiliate marketing matters now more than ever. Gone are the days of black hat affiliate marketing methods, typically synonymous with fraud and scams. Cookie stuffing, typos, and spyware are no longer tolerated, and even coupon or deal sites are seen as outdated by many. Transparency and authenticity of affiliates is now expected, or even demanded, from those who run affiliate programs. Likewise, the affiliates in the audience they speak to now demand those same traits.

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