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As an example, if you don’t complete your purchase, Daily Steals will remind you of the products in your cart via Google Chrome notification. content marketing funnel: chrome Another way to convert leads into paying customers with the Google Chrome extension. And yes, this is also content. There are a variety of creative approaches to designing and creating a marketing funnel for an eCommerce business model. Some of them are illustrated below: content marketing funnel: sales funnel Possible steps in the eCommerce sales funnel. Whats Next? After the first purchase from a new customer has been made, don’t even think about stopping with your work on the content.

There are still opportunities to upsell your offer or to sell more items (if you run an eCommerce business). In case you are selling a month-to-month service, this is the part where you could try to push the customer to pay upfront for Kuwait WhatsApp Number List the entire year at a discounted price. For service-oriented business models, this is the part where you make your high-paying offer. All of this can be done by providing smart match content to those who are already at the bottom of the funnel stage. Showing this type of content to those who are not at the bottom of the funnel, or in other words, to people who are not familiar with your brand and values.

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Well, giving your ToFU visitors BoFU content will make them feel like.  You’re asking them to marry you on your first date. You don’t want to be that person. Or that brand. You may also be interested in: 7 content ideas.  That will generate income for your agency. Wrapping it up Those who managed to keep posting thus far must be fully.  Aware of the importance of smart content matching for every stage of the marketing funnel. This is also the point where you will realize why anyone doing business online. Including e-commerce brands, agencies or freelancers.  Needs to find out where their visitors are in the funnel and what content they are consuming.  It’s not just about spending your money on advertising without a clear goal.  Displaying any type of content to everyone and never reaching your ROI point.


But also about how irritating it could be for your practically ‘spam’ audience. ‘ with wrong content types. . A quick example. Imagine a case where a visitor has already purchased a tripwire offer. A week later, you send them content promoting the exact same offer, the one they already bought. I come across something like this from time to time and it’s really annoying. The concept of leading the audience from ToFU to BoFU is not a simple one. It may sound simple in theory, but it definitely isn’t! A lot of analysis, planning, and research goes into considering, designing, and most importantly, implementing your overall lead nurturing strategy. Last but not least, creating a well-designed marketing funnel with smart content can also mean a financial investment.

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Of course, the complexity of the funnel itself depends on the complexity of the business model, type and scale. Many companies still cannot afford to cover all the stages adequately. But ask yourself: can you really afford not to start implementing and applying the marketing funnel concept which is basically an automated and often self-sufficient lead generation machine? In today’s e-commerce world, with constant and increasing competition, there are more and more players in this field who are following the marketing trends. You don’t want to be the last in line, do you? Will you implement a smart marketing funnel? Let us know in the comments below! As a Shopify affiliate, it’s important that you have the tools you need to measure the success of your marketing efforts.

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