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This shows the visitor what kind of work he does and what he can do well. 12. Oasis Builders Inc Creative designs that showcase services and other important information throughout the contractor’s website will Vietnam Phone Number keep visitors interested. The color scheme ties the entire page together and makes visitors feel comfortable. They also use people’s testimonials, including a photo with one of the team members, to show they’re doing well. This shows potential clients that you want to know your customers, not just get work done.

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Gold Thread This contractor site keeps things simple with pictures of their recent projects organized by location. As well as videos showing some completed projects. Throughout the page, they provide a contact form that you Vietnam Phone Number can click and fill out quickly. The website first popped up with a contact form. This helps visitors get in touch with the company easily. This shows your visitors that you want to hear from them about any questions. 14. AP Retrofit This contractor site grabs your attention by showcasing past projects and providing a cost calculator for each. This allows visitors to get an estimate for the exact item without first contacting the business.


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This gets the information to potential clients as quickly as possible, which may then start the project sooner. There is a live chat option that also allows visitors to contact someone right away. 15. FVR The contract location explains the service and what can be done right away. Then they kept it simple by adding some pictures of the project. At the bottom of the Vietnam Phone Number find customer reviews scrolling through. Live chat is also available for immediate responses, so visitors know they’ll get an answer without having to wait. 16. Desert Valley Contracting Desert Valley Contracting immediately explained what viewers can expect when choosing them.

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