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They can also decide to unfollow your page while also showing it as a like, which means they will no longer accept your posts in their feed. So when looking at your total likes you don’t know how much these people. Mexico Phone Number still engaging or even watching your content which is why likes are often referred. The anity metric they give However, your bragging rights don’t really measure achievement. Social media marketing helps grow your network. This era is all about digital marketing campaigns now because they are the most impactful ones. If you know the real strategy of how to advertise on Facebook what to advertise on Facebook and when to advertise on Facebook!

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It will bring you enough profit by any means. 2. Audience development rate Facebook Audience Development Metrics Facebook ad metrics also play a vital role in boasting or connecting with your audience. A better way to Mexico Phone Number measure likes is to find out how fast your fan base is growing a page gets 1,000 likes over a period of years while a page gets 1,000 likes in a month. To discover your audience growth rate choose the date and age you want to track find. The number of new followers for that period divide that number by your total audience and increase your growth rate by 100. This social media platform helps people reach their target end users by bringing people together under one roof through social media marketing.

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Follow Facebook Analytics – Follower Pictures Following is a more important metric than liking. When someone follows your Facebook business page, your posts will show up in their News Feed encouraging. Facebook ad Mexico Phone Number metrics to help get your page listed as well. Followers can be people who like your page and automatically become follow your page and not like it. Regardless, your followers are busy looking at what you’re posting on your page. Mention Facebook Mentions as Ad Metrics Mentions happen when someone.  Types your organization or page’s name in a post or comment at the time.

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