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Youve seen it thousands of times. On the street, on the internet, even at home. This typeface is everywhere. Regardless of your age and how many years you have been hooked on the world of design, we dare to assure you that you know the comic sans typeface and that, in all probability, you have an opinion about it.

It was created in 1994 by vincent connare , who was working as a typeface engineer for microsoft at the time, and is almost certainly one of the most famous typefaces of all time. The minidocumentary comic sans the man behind the worlds most contentious font talks about who, how and why he designed the most hated typeface by designers around the world.


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Who and why designed the comic sans typeface 1 it is photo retouching service easy to guess that vincent connare was inspired by the comics of the time to design the comic sans typeface, specifically those of batman and watchmen and he did it moved by the desire to create a different font, which would not leave anyone indifferent. And boy did he get it he himself confesses that he was surprised when he began to. See his typography in all kinds of media. He remembers that the first appearance of it was in a neon sign that sold funny rubber stamps, later comic sans would end up becoming the chosen typeface to illustrate beach towels, memorials, institutional signs, logos . All over the world. World. Vincent connare himself confesses that it is not his best design but, if we look at its impact, it is a work of art.

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