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The best solution to this problem is practice. The more you write and share, the better you will be, especially if you monitor what works and what doesn’t. But some tools can also help here. 3. Headline Analyzer content marketing: programming owner One of the most important aspects of any blog post is its title. Think of your title like the cover of a book. It should grab people’s attention and draw them in. One tool that helps with this is Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer. This headline parser, like any automated tool, is far from perfect. But he will share some useful tips to improve your headlines and make them more attractive. Provides advice on different types of headlines (eg, questions, lists, or procedures) and suggests words that tend to grab readers’ attention.

Grammar content marketing: grammatically great headline is important, but you need to maintain quality throughout your post. That means writing well, avoiding typos, and improving your grammar. I’m certainly terrible at this. It’s like I just can’t see the problems with my writing no matter how many times I check it. I reduce this Peru WhatsApp Number List  problem using Grammarly. Grammarly proofreads my content and recommends ways to improve it. But it does much more than the grammar and spelling checker in your word processor. It will also make stylistic suggestions that can significantly improve the quality of your writing. But always remember, good content marketing is much more than copy alone. Zoom content marketing: zoommyappAnother crucial component of your content marketing strategy is image production.

Find and Work With Clients.

Images make blog posts more engaging and increase social media engagement. But finding quality photography can be difficult, especially when you’re on a budget. Fortunately, there are a growing number of sites that provide public domain images that you can use on social media and your blog for free. But searching all these sites can be tedious. Zoommy is a cross-platform desktop app that searches all of these sites in one go. In fact, they have over 50,000 images in their searchable database, and that’s growing all the time. You can even filter those photos based on dimensions or color. Of course, if you’re a designer you’re probably more interested in showing off your work than other people’s photography. You May Also Like: 10 Bookmark-Worthy Websites For Free Stock Photography.


Smart Mockups content marketing: smart mockupsNo doubt there will come a time when you want to include a screenshot of some of your work, whether it be in a blog post or social media update. However, screenshots look much better when displayed in context (for example, on a mobile device). But simulating them this way can be time consuming. Some automated tools add your screenshots to devices in photos. But many of these have a subscription model, which can get expensive over time. One exception is Smartmockups, a curated collection of free product mockups that you can use for free online. Or pay a one-time fee if you want your desktop app. Now that your blog post has a catchy title, well-written copy, and beautiful images, it’s time to start promoting it.

Tools for Freelancers

Promote your content Great content is no good if no one sees it. That is why it is so important to share through social networks. Updating multiple channels can take a long time. However, there are two tools that I use that make life a lot easier. 7. Co-schedule content marketing: programmingCoschedule is an incredibly powerful content marketing tool that has too many features to cover here. But one thing I particularly like is its ability to post to multiple social networks when you launch a new blog post. In fact, you can schedule a series of updates over time based on the publication date of a post. That means if you reschedule a post, all social media updates will change accordingly. You can also create lists of old blog posts to share at regular intervals to get the most value out of the post you’ve written.

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