Professional Development Organizations

Here are some places to start looking. 1. Stack Overflow Although geared more toward technical conversations. Stack Overflow is a vibrant community of tech professionals and is an in-depth resource for questions. About just about any technical challenge. They seem to dominate search results when looking for something platform/language-specific.  Therefore, And incorporate a voting system to better evaluate/rank suggested solutions. Commack Conversations that are more geared towards eCommerce. Particularly those who are fans of Shopify.  Might turn to EconTalk. Commack is a Slack-based community.  Of eCommerce professionals that provides an open forum to ask questions.  And provide advice to those in the eCommerce space. Reddit Long known as one of the most active social networks focused on connecting people with specific interests.  Has several channels that could serve as resources for freelancers or agency owners.

It’s a bit of the Wild West at times, but it also serves as a place to express thoughts on just about any topic. 4. Council of Young Entrepreneurs Armenia WhatsApp Number List The YEC is an invitation-only community for entrepreneurs looking to connect with other entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. In addition to a wide range of other benefits.  YEC powers a very active private Facebook community where members actively ask. Offer critical advice to grow a business. How Communities Really Drive Growth So you’re an active member of one or more of these communities – how are you going to really drive growth for your business? Most commonly, there are three main means by which you will experience growth through the community.

Professional Networking Organizations

Growth Through Referrals Depending on the community and your role within it, referrals are a natural extension of the relationships you establish. Therefore, If you become known as a quality and reliable service provider within a specific community, you will likely benefit from occasional referrals as other members look to help their customers when their services are lacking. A simple way to start increasing your referrals: ask. You’d be surprised how receptive people would be to offering a reference if you asked them. 2. Growth via leads In addition to referrals, some communities could serve as a direct source of leads if you are on a ‘blended’ membership. Industry associations tend to put you in a room with people similar to you, but meetups often serve as a great means of meeting potential clients.


if you connect with someone seeking your services. Your best bet for finding potential customers in these communities is to focus on which ones you participate in. If your target clients are interior designers, spend your time in communities focused on that industry. 3. Growth through knowledge Possibly a more hidden benefit to these communities is the potential insights you could gather about issues or questions that have come up in your business. Organizations like the Entrepreneur’s Organization are a fantastic way for entrepreneurs to connect with other entrepreneurs who have experienced similar problems and may have solutions to share. Therefore,  Don’t be afraid to be open and honest about the challenges you face in your business. Chances are someone else in that community is facing those same challenges or has overcome them in the past.

Digital Vs Physical Communities

You may also be interested in: 4 Overlooked Tactics for Finding New Customers Offline. The hidden value of community leadership Although simply participating in these communities can be a great way to experience the above benefits, the most effective way to use the community to grow your business is to take a leadership role. By founding or managing a community, you put yourself in a position to experience some key benefits. Therefore, Make sure your voice is heard Depending on the size of the community you participate in, you may find yourself without a strong voice. By assuming a leadership position, you ensure that you have a voice to influence and inform the community.

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