Post-launch Services as a Deliverable

The unfortunate truth about many freelancers and agencies.  Within the web design industry is that their services eventually cease as soon as the bill is paid. The unfortunate truth about many freelancers and agencies within.  The web design industry is that their services eventually cease as soon.  As the bill is paid. This can be a real wrench in a client’s post-launch plans, as they are often left to navigate a new and unfamiliar CMS platform, without any guidance from the team that implemented it. This is not always a question of competition. It can also be a misplaced approach or lack of attention to detail that derails the design. This is why many design firms prefer to maintain a support and management relationship with their web development clients.

In this way, they can be sure of customer satisfaction while maintaining the integrity of their overall product. Furthermore, they can educate customers and ensure that your business moves towards prosperity and prominence. In hopes of spreading this customer service and support attitude, we’ve mapped out the best methods for  Rwanda B2B List ensuring your customers have all the support they need post-launch, as well as some of the troublesome processes we see others continually commit. Why post-launch services? Post-launch services: Why do it? In our business, we advocate for a more honest and comprehensive line of communication between client and designer. We push this hard because the alternative to post-launch services like delivery is at best an ad hoc approach, where the customer doesn’t know what they’re getting and you don’t know what you’re expecting.

The Win-win Approach

If you don’t educate your customer, allowing them to test the content management system (CMS) before launch, or providing them with the necessary documentation and guidance to complete upgrades themselves, then you’re likely to face some significant challenges as soon as possible. How do you hand over the keys? This will cause strain on your budding relationship and will reflect negatively on the quality of your services. Dropping the ball on post-launch services also means denying yourself the opportunity to expand your business, as you’re neglecting to manage marketing and SEO efforts on behalf of your client. Obviously, these can be ongoing and very lucrative contracts that you will simply miss out on. You may also be interested in: Working on Retention: Why the Survival of Your Development Business Depends on Long-Term Customers.


A winning philosophy In addition to the duty to your client and your business, post-launch support for any project is about a winning mindset. To clarify, this is a “win-win” attitude, which means that if we are around to help the customer successfully navigate, maintain, and use their new design, they will be more successful. That success is well reflected in the quality of our services. The client looks good, so you look good because you made the client look good. It is mutually beneficial and hopefully helps keep a relationship healthy in the future. That’s the essential truth of why you should push your post-launch services. If we are around to help the customer successfully navigate, maintain and use their new design, they will be more successful.

Why Post-launch Services?

Beyond motivation, there is the more pressing question of method. This begins with individual and specialized customer care. Doing this has a dual purpose: You make the customer feel valued and comfortable with the blooming arrangement. You can start the process of educating your customer about their new CMS. They can start interacting with the interface early on, giving them a better understanding of their finished product when it comes time to launch. Ideally, you would connect the customer with a team of agile designers and developers who actually design and build the product. The product must then be rapidly prototyped and iterated to near perfection under the direction of the customer. Then comes the launch. Let’s take a look at what it takes to deliver a positive post-launch experience.

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