Perhaps It May Seem More Intuitive to Start Designing the Web

With the desktop version in mind, and then adapt it as much as possible, adjusting the information that we are going to show for a much smaller space. But the truth is that, today, the majority of traffic values ​​are for mobile devices , so it is better to Austria WhatsApp Number List change the approach. In other words, it is advisable to start with the mobile version, and then adapt it to the desktop version . In addition, starting with the mobile version will allow you to put all the necessary emphasis on the information that is really relevant, as well as on the way to display it on reduced screens. This will allow the user experience to be the best possible.

Think in Devices and Not in Screen

Types currently there are a large number of different devices in which to consult web content, and this number continues to grow. In addition, the characteristics of these devices can be very varied, with mobile phones being larger than some Austria WhatsApp Number List of the smaller tablets. Mobile devices therefore, when starting your wordpress web design , you cannot limit yourself to grouping all the phone models in a single category. Focusing on device sizes, and classifying them as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones may be a design flaw. Instead, it’s best to think about screen categories , such as micro screens, small screens, mid-range, large, and even extra-large.

Thus, in Addition,

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You will be able to avoid developing your website. Only, for those devices that are known at the time. Not reviewing all versions when including modifications every time. You, are going to incorporate modifications of any kind in the design of the responsive web. You, must bear in mind that these modifications can affect the operation. Of, the sAustria WhatsApp Number List versions. Whether due to rushing, or not taking all factors into account. It, is common to find pages where a modification introduced during development works effectively on the desktop version. But, instead causes problems on the mobile version. Thus, spoiling the first impression that the user has of our website. And, tarnishing their experience. So, when you make changes, they should be accompanied by a battery of tests. In, order to make sure that everything continues to work perfectly.

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