Partner and Kill Each Other

Strategies for defining and winning successful client projects Ross Beyeler. Therefore,  A spark of growth This session will delve into best practices for properly scoping your clients’ projects. Learn to understand the customer’s role in the project.  Break down requirements into different functions.  And create processes to help address the inevitable ‘scope creep’. How to create profitable app partnerships Steve Deckert.  Smile  Learn how an app and an agency can best work together to create a partnership.  Therefore, That is profitable for both. We’ll dive into what to look for when choosing an app partner.  How to start a partnership.  And what to do once you’ve attracted your first customer. Our transition sales Natasha Murphy.

very well built As your business evolves and scales, your sales process must adapt to keep up. Natasha Murphy discusses how her agency uses automation to streamline lead delivery. Therefore,  tackling a major business challenge head-on. Putting Japan B2B List the client first: the key to a successful agency Colleen Oates and Shelly Socol. One Rockwell Learn about client management best practices and how to cultivate client success. Colleen Oates and Shelly Socol address approaches to transparent communication. Project management, and creating a business.  Model that works for both you and your client.  A community that makes connections. Vancouver, Canada — October 2, 2017 Shopify Keynote Marcie MurrayShopify.

Think Big and Ask for More

To become a world-class business, you need to hire world-class people, and that means attracting talent from around the world. Marcie Murray will share strategies to help you build and scale remote teams, and how to develop a remote culture that will set you up for success.  Therefore, The growth and impact of an international community Stephan Peralata, Creative SOVI Community growth is an effective way for brands to organically scale their organization. Stephan Peralta interviewed Shopify Partners from around the world to discover challenges, solutions, and strategies for effective community-based ROI. Hear what he discovered. 5 colossal mistakes that led to a better customer experience Jody EdgarSunbowl Jody Edgar will talk about the five biggest mistakes he’s made in the last 10 years of working with Shopify merchants.


She will delve into how these catastrophic mistakes led. Therefore,  to a completely unique way of doing business. brand yourself Jeremy Watt and Julie Brown, Until Later Than You Husband and wife team Jeremy Watt and Julie Brown will explain how their agency name appeals to the kind of clients they enjoy working with. Find out why you shouldn’t underestimate the brand of your agency, studio or independent company. How to give merchants and their customers the best product experience Lexy WrightPixlee A great product experience includes not only the technology, but also the team behind it. In this session, Lexy Wright will share how to give merchants the best experience possible by leveraging her team and the Shopify community.

The Contrarian Consultant

The Theme Store Inspired Our Best Work emma palm. Therefore, pixel union Getting rejected isn’t fun, but Pixel Union’s Emma Palm talks about how they made it a flop moment. She will talk about her team’s market-driven theme design process and why empathy is her greatest asset. vancouver tickets Bangalore, India — November 3, 2017 Shopify Keynote Brennan Loh, Shopify/. Therefore, Why is Shopify in India? What are our plans for the future from a platform perspective? In this keynote, Brennan Loh delves into how Shopify enables partners to build long-term, scalable product businesses. How India can create apps for the world Aliasger Motiwalla and Megha Bhatt, Global Apps/Shopify Get tips and advice on getting started building apps on Shopify. Therefore,  with Aliasger Motiwalla of Plobal Apps and Megha Bhatt of the Shopify Apps Team.

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