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But without being pushy? See the 9 tips we’ve separated to help you use your power of persuasion. We also have a hotmart tips on persuasion. Watch: but first. Let’s clarify one thing: manipulation vs persuasion remember we said that persuasion is different from manipulation? To be clearer. Let’s go back to the concept of persuasion and quickly explain the concept of manipulation so you can understand the difference: manipulating . In the figurative sense of the word. Is the act of influencing someone to carry out your desires without the person taking any advantage of it. In short.

Manipulating means controlling other people and putting pressure on them to do what you want. Persuade is a communication strategy widely used by salespeople that aims to indicate something beneficial to people and convince them. With logical and rational resources. To take some action. In the case of sales. The final action is to make a purchase. In both cases. The ultimate goal is the same: to influence a person. The big difference is that persuasion takes into account the benefits that the person being influenced will have and not just the advantages for the one being influenced.

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How to improve your power of persuasion can you see how manipulation is different from persuasion? If you understand that the ultimate goal here is not just to make a sale. But mainly to delight your customer with the solution you offer. Then you are ready to use Estonia Phone Numbers your power of persuasion. What you need now is to know some argumentation techniques to help you develop this sales strategy. Check out: post index menu index know your customer very well have empathy influence at the most appropriate time present practical solutions anticipate the releases avoid using “no” .

Earn people’s trust pay attention to body language use mental triggers back to index 1. Know your customer very well the first tip for you to create sales arguments that influence people to buy a product or service is to gather as much information as possible about who you want to convince. To do this. Determine an audience that has similar characteristics. So their pains are likely to be the same. Which means they need similar solutions to their problems. When you know your customer well. You can talk to them using the same language. This makes it easier to understand.

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As well as making you think of arguments much more convincingly than if you were talking to someone you don’t know well. If you still don’t know who your ideal customer is. Do a persona survey . This helps you to understand well who the audience you want to reach is. That is. What is the ideal profile of the people to whom you should sell your products. Understand how to create a persona with the following video: 2. Empathize it’s no use getting to know your ideal customers well if you don’t put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Remember that we said that the power of persuasion is different from manipulation mainly because the former takes into account the benefits that the influenced person will receive? If you don’t have empathy. You will never be able to think of sales arguments that are pleasant for your customers. Let alone try to sell products that are really interesting to them. Lack of empathy can easily lead a person to influence others to sell a product that is not beneficial to the customer. Which is even dishonest. So put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and think about what he would like to buy before trying to convince him. 3. Influence at the most appropriate time not all people are prepared to make a purchase.

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