How to Make Your Own Professional-looking Explainer Video

Explainer videos (sometimes called promo videos) are key to growing your customer base. While your logo and branding is the first impression visitors have of you, an explainer video is where you get to sell who you are and what your mission is. You could accomplish the same thing with paragraphs of marketing copy, but an explainer Brazil WhatsApp Number List video does so in a much more engaging, streamlined and shareable fashion. shooting a video in a kitchen via Unsplash As valuable as explainer videos are, they can take a lot of resources to produce professionally—resources you might not have. Not to worry! We’re about to show you how to make an awesome explainer video yourself. What is an explainer video?

Tutorials but Rather Persuasive Pitches

Mascot design showing a character in a lab coat presenting an idea By h2.da Explainer videos are informative videos, usually less than 5 minutes long, that describe what a company does or how a product works. They are not tutorials but rather persuasive pitches that address a viewer’s pain points and make the case for how the product/process is the solution. They can be animated or as simple as a person talking directly to the camera. Usually, they are hosted on a business’ homepage, but they are also handy for social media ads or crowdfunding campaigns. What makes a good explainer video? — A good explainer video is: Concise Easy to understand and remember Personal and uplifting Brand.

Your Journey. It Should Make Them

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Appropriate An answer to why your business exists Tailored to your target audience. As high in quality as you can manage What it comes down to is this: a good explainer video tells a good story. It is an explanation, but it should take the viewer on a journey—your journey. It should make them care. Now that we’ve covered what it is, let’s dive in to how to create an explainer video. Step 1: Choose a type of explainer video — You might think that producing even a short explainer video for your business will be prohibitively costly. That’s not necessarily true. You just need to know your options.

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