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Say you have a short PDF that sells for $7. You mention it in your newsletter, and that person clicks the link and buys it. They’ve just moved further down your funnel. As the funnel goes down, you offer more India Phone Number product at a higher price. Repeat Customers – The Key to Internet Marketing The sales funnel model is based on three facts of online marketing: Getting someone to buy from you for the first time is the toughest sale you’ll ever make. Selling products to existing customers is easier and more cost-effective. Your profits come from a small group of responsive customers.

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Here’s what Jimmy D. Brown says in his free ebook “Add 3K in 3 Shifts a Week”: “Money is not on the list (as most people say), it’s on the list of previous customers: people who have already bought from you” – Jimmy D. Brown you don’t need a huge list Here are two other principles of the sales funnel for successful Webpreneurs: The real India Phone Number profit is at the bottom of the funnel You don’t need a huge list to make this model work. Mathematics for Online Business Ramit Sethi calls it “the math of online business”. The first item Ramit sold on the Internet was a $4.95 e-book. His self-confidence (at the time) was so low he couldn’t believe someone bought it.

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But now, most of his income comes from products priced at $497. Higher-priced products don’t need nearly as many sales as lower-priced products to bring in the same revenue. Thus, Ramit states: “It’s not magic, it’s math”. He still sells ebooks for $4.95. In fact, in a way, it’s as important as higher-priced items because it’s the entry point into the sales funnel. 7. Business Model 7 – Building Authority As Brian Clark points out in his free ebook, “Content Marketing Strategies That Work,” being an authority in your field is now critical to online business success.

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