The Ipad Was the Engine of Online Sales From Mobile Devices

The growth of digital commerce made from New Zealand Phone Number List and tablets in the old continent increased during 2012 by 140 percent, to achieve 3.9 percent of online sales at European level. Of course, with the help of a remarkable technological tool: the ipad . The data of such a finding have been reported by axon in its most recent study carried out in seven important European markets, namely Germany, Benelux (Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg, Spain, Scandinavia France, Italy and Poland. The research corroborates the role of the iPad in sales from mobile devices, since from it New Zealand Phone Number List. 53 percent of the transactions were made during 2012, a figure that is similar to that of 2011, when it mediated 51 percent of the total of this type of trade.

The Data of Such a Finding Have Been Reported

Apple’s tablet was followed New Zealand Phone number devices using the android operating system, with 25 percent of total online shopping operations, which represents 8 percent more than in the previous period, while the iPhone has dropped to third place, from 35 percent obtained in 2011 to 20 percent in 2012, according to the axon study. With the thing link platform you can upload images and enrich them with videos, sounds or links. It is very useful for brands, since they can share more information in a single image. Now, you can share this type. Of new Zealand phone number list on facebook. Without the need to leave your timeline. The interactive image platform. Very useful for brands and agencies. Announced through its official blog. That brands that make an image on.

While the Iphone Has Dropped to Third Place

New Zealand Phone Number List

Thing link will be able to share it on. The new Zealand phone number list timeline. Thus users will experience the content. Within the image without leaving the social network. One of the virtues of using tingling. For advertising is that it allows you to create, tag and share any image in any environment. With extra content: music. Videos and social network links. That is, it offers a new experience in the creation of images. Thing link was created in 2010, it is the leading platform in interactive images with more than 130 thousand users. One of its goals is to offer agencies and brands the ability to create and launch custom image and icon applications, so that users have a stronger relationship with the brand.

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