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This was a daunting project at first, moving a major online retailer from.  A deeply embedded custom infrastructure to a hosted platform,” explains Bodog.  But our experience with a couple of previous Shopify Plus builds gave.  Us confidence that the migration would hold up well. This was a daunting project at first, moving a major online retailer from.  A deeply embedded custom infrastructure to a hosted platform. Bodog Olah, Creator A couple of years prior to this migration. Cracka Wines approached Createur to migrate their Wine.  Growers Direct site from NetSuite SiteBuilder to Shopify. Dean Taylor, the CEO of the company, had experimented with Shopify.  And wanted an agency to create a professional site in no time.

This quick project used an out-of-the-box theme and in about six weeks. Shopify Plus Partner Creator: Wine Growers Direct Before taking on Cracka Wines. Createur migrated the wine company’s microsite. Wine Growers Direct (pictured above after the migration), to Shopify. The Cracka team was happy with the smoothness of this migration.  And a similarly sized project to migrate their My Wine Guy site sprang up soon after. This project Tunisia B2B List proved to be more challenging due to the size of the existing.  Site map and the increased revenue that. Shopify Plus Partner Creator. My Wine Guy The My Wine Guy site, shown above after migration. Proved more challenging due to its revenue expectations for a demanding customer base.

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Both site migrations reduced ongoing platform costs for the winery by 50 percent. That’s when his attention turned to migrating his main e-commerce property, Cracka Wines. “We had to migrate nearly 200,000 URLs, each rich in data, and map them to a Shopify object, such as a product, collection, article, or page. All of these also use metafields to expand the attributes of the default object, with tagging conventions where appropriate,” explains Bodog. “Planning this massive migration of content from a completely custom system to one that expects stricter conventions, like Shopify, required a lot of creative thinking.” Creative thinking, considerable planning and a strict process.


Createur’s 6-step process for migrations Shopify Plus Partner Createur: Process for migrations Bodog explains a high-level view of how Createur approaches a major website migration, like Cracka Wines. Discovery “Discovery is a process of asking questions about user journeys and desired outcomes. There are not many limits on what is discussed during this stage, but it is expected that some ideas will be considered unfeasible during the scoping evaluation.” Scope “Scoping is the stage where we determine the feasibility of the results discussed during discovery. This phase is very focused on engineering, where creatives and developers work through the various user flows to ensure that the scope can be done.”

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Contents “Although everyone is very interested in starting the execution after the scope.  It is important to collect content before we go too far. Designs and layouts are highly dependent on the content supplier. So we adhere to a content delivery schedule with the client.” Execution “This is where we use the provided content and user stories to start design approvals with the client. This is where the aesthetics, style guide, and UI components are mapped out. At the same time, developers can start testing any UI mechanisms that don’t explicitly rely on images.” Approvals and comments “Once the job is delivered, a thorough approval process takes place. We are careful to try to keep iterations to a minimum here and reserve non-critical tasks for post-release.

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