What went wrong in the Xi-Li system’s decision-making on “Wuhan Pneumonia

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection in Wuhan at the end of last year (2019). The situation has spiraled out of control in just half a month. On January 23, Wuhan closed the city. And the situation quickly got out of control. And there is still no sign of slowing down. The main reason why the epidemic has spread and has been brought out for review is that the government authorities concealed the epidemic in the first place. The story of the deceased doctor Li Wenliang can best illustrate this point. After warning him, he was immediately summoned by the police,

In fact, on December 30 last year

The same day Li Wenliang raised the warning on Weibo. The Wuhan Municipal Health Panama Phone Number Commission issued an emergency. Notice to medical institutions in the city, warning that the South China Seafood Market continued to appear for unknown reasons. Pneumonia patients, and each medical unit is required to collect statistics on suspected cases received in the last week, and submit the statistical form to the Municipal Health and Health Commission before 4 pm on the same day. 

In this way, the Wuhan authorities did not

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“hide the epidemic” at the beginning, and according to a report by China Central Television: “The expert team from the National Health and Medical Commission arrived in Wuhan on the morning of the 31st and is conducting relevant testing and verification work.” Therefore, the Wuhan authorities In fact, the relevant information has been reported up and down in the first place. In terms of administrative responsibility, the city has little responsibility.


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