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Google Meet can now display up to 49 participants during.  A video conference Google is offering a major innovation for its Google Meet service. Share Canada Phone Number List Database the article Flavien Chantrel / Published onSeptember 16, 2020 at 10:31 a.m. google-meet-49_opt Google Meet will now show more people on your video meeting screen. Credit: Google. New features for Google Meet In April, in full containment.  Google announced that it was now possible to display up to 16 people during videoconferences. Better than before, but worse than Zoom’s 49 simultaneous people. With its latest announcement, Google is upgrading. You will now be able to see up to 49 participants’ video thumbnails.  At the same time on your screen, including your own,

which will be displayed in the top right. This new feature is only available on the web version of Google Meet. The number of people actually displayed will depend on the size of your screen, so you may not reach 49. Your screen will show 9 thumbnails in automatic view, and 16 in mosaic view. You will have to go to the settings to modify the display and increase the number of visible people. These new features are being rolled out and will soon be available to all users. According to Google, “ seeing more people at the same time can improve the dynamics of group meetings. From seeing everyone’s reactions to what’s being discussed.  To following multiple speakers more easily, it can help virtual meetings feel more like in-

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person meetings and encourage participation. » Videoconferencing, a history of giants If Google is accelerating on the subject of Google Meet, it’s not for nothing. 2020 will have been the year of the explosion of uses in terms of videoconferencing. Zoom thus quadrupled its turnover in the second quarter, from $145.8 million in revenue to $663.5 million, less than 10 years after its creation. The American unicorn is not the only one to want to exploit this prolific market: Microsoft multiplies the noveltiesfor Teams, and announced 75 million users per day on the occasion of the publication of its results for the second half (compared to 44 million before confinement). And that’s without counting on other exchange


services, such as Slack, which are also doing well. It is in this context that Google, with its Google Meet service, is actively working to take a place in this market. highly competitive. And if all these giants are fighting to take control of the market, it is because the latter has exploded in recent months. Due to personal, but also professional uses. The democratization of telework, in particular, has intensified the use of these tools to exchange remotely and hold meetings with others. The next few months or even the next few years should see the phenomenon accelerate further. Before the many new things to come in the sector, we already advise you to review your classics with these 12 tips for Google Meet! Related topics: /

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