Offer Training in Addition to Service

Otherwise, anyone who gets into the product and tries to tweak things later is flying blind. Assuming you’re keeping your development teams busy with multiple clients, they’re unlikely to remember the exact workings of each individual piece of code. Proper documentation reduces labor costs and overall stress for both you and the customer. Make sure it gets done! To see a great example of how these support efforts are achieved, look no further than Shopify. The ecommerce solution has a comprehensive list of resources on its website, offering a plethora of video tutorials, specific guides, or forum posts to help its users with just about any problem imaginable. There is even a help center where a user can search the Shopify documentation.

Beyond providing your customers with project-specific documentation, we also suggest providing post-launch questionnaires to collect customer feedback. These questionnaires are also a good opportunity to ask happy customers to provide Andorra B2B List reviews for Google and/or our Shopify Expert profile. Beyond providing your customers with project-specific documentation, we also suggest providing post-launch questionnaires to collect customer feedback. Getting this feedback is essential. Learn what their strengths and weaknesses are, get customer testimonials, and how to improve your support efforts in the future. This keeps you informed and accountable to your customer base, and allows you to continually improve your support services. Here are some sample questions for your post-launch quiz: Were you satisfied with the final product?

Post Launch Checklist

How open and effective was the communication between team members, managers, and you? Would you recommend our services to other colleagues? Would you like to leave a testimonial on our website? How could the service you received be improved? You May Also Like: The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Customer Testimonials (with 6 Simple Questions). Post Launch Checklist Post Launch Services – Checklist We won’t mention any names, but there are certainly enough negative reviews for digital agencies all over the net. And many of these bad reviews are due to a lack of follow-through. Post-launch is where your business really makes its best impression. People will remember how they interacted with you during the build, but they will remember much more clearly whether or not your business goals were met.


To be honest, these anonymous companies are most likely not intentionally denying their customers proper service. Post-launch is a difficult phase to get right. And even if you do everything perfectly.  It’s no guarantee that your business will grow. However, there are a few items that should always be flagged, which could prevent a lot of the bad reviews out there. Here are three items that should be on your agenda for every project, to help ensure a successful launch and continued success thereafter. 1. Educate customers in advance Most customers, when buying any type of digital product, focus a lot on that specific goal, not so much on the big picture. Be sure to mention your ongoing support services up front. Present it as part of a service package.

Educate Customers in Advance

You could even make it a deliverable, charging for it separately. Also, give them the opportunity to test the CMS before implementing it. Show them examples and see how they interact with it to see the level of support they will need. This is also a great opportunity to discover which CMS best suits your business model. Find out what technologies they’re already familiar with to ensure a smooth transition when it’s time to hand over the keys. 2. Offer training in addition to service There are two types of customers, set-it-and-forget-it and do-it-yourselfers. You have to attend to both. Within your initial pitch, you can offer post-launch services as a deliverable in two ways: either handle content updates, code updates, marketing, and SEO campaigns as a turnkey service, or offer to teach your customers to do everything you are doing.

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