New Research Places Chile as the Country With the Highest Internet

It is estimated that by 2017. Moreover, Like, In the country. Also, we will have more than. Four million internet connections corresponding. To fixed broadband immobile broadband in a smaller percentage. Santiago, Chile.- a new version of the broadband barometer study. Uniquely, Uniquely Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List broadband in a smaller percentage. The above figures show that 40% of Chilean households have an internet connection. According to statements by Nicolás chipper, general manager of cisco to cooperative today, the figures reveal that Chile is a leader in technology, at the Latin American level. According to the executive, the country is advancing at a good pace towards knowledge and official data point to an 8% growth in the use of the internet in the country.

The Database of the Most Dangerous Criminals

Of course, Which places us at the top of the region with excellent indicators. In the first place, Speeds today reach an average of 7.1 maps. making our broadband the fastest in Latin America. Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List, moves to second place with an average that reaches 4.7 maps. As a matter of fact, Directors of digital country , pointed out to the press that it is necessary to educate the population in the use of all available digital tools. As well as, The technology is definitely there. Like Now all that remains is to guide the use. Uniquely, that the population makes of it. Too guided by public education policies at all levels. In like manner, The polish police have become creative and have launched an application through which you can play the classic “Memory.

The Polish Police Have Become Creative

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With the photos of. Similarly, The 150 most wanted criminals. The Azerbaijan whatsapp number list. For their capture and even. Actively participate in it. Poland . The polish police have become creative. And have launched an application through. Which you can play the classic . Again, With the photos of the 150 most wanted criminals. Capture them and even actively participate in is. To feel like a hero.  Of possible suspects and compare them. With images from the database. Of the most dangerous criminals. Offered through the the most wanted.

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