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Be deployed this year, as In addition was mentioned for a while by CMS contributors. According to the schedule proposed by Josepha Haden Chomphosy, executive  France Mobile Number Database director of WordPress, 2 major updates should see the light of day in 2022: WordPress 6.0: not before the end of May 2022, WordPress 6.1: mid-October 2022. I think the relationship between In addition WP5.9 and WP6.0.  Will be similar to the relationship between WP5.0 and WP5.1.  In that there will be a lot of user feedback to process so that we can expand.  Refine and, in some cases, even reworking the user experience.  With the vast set of new features introduced in 5.9.  Aiming to release WP6.0 in late May, we In addition can let WP5.9.  Breathe a bit, work through the rest of the Phase 2

Roadmap, and prioritize WordPress-wide needs as.  We come to them. meet, says Josepha In addition Haden Chomphosy. In another blog post , the executive director communicated.  On the three main objectives for 2022 that WordPress has set itself, namely.  Drive adoption of the new WordPress editor ” by making FSE (and its tools) easy to find.  And use “, Support open source alternatives In addition for all site building needs.  Iterate on open source CMS methodologies “ to guide and sustain.  The success of WordPress as well as the global open source community.  Of which we are a part.  And as a bonus : Josepha Haden Chomphosy also mentioned another major project.  That WordPress will tackle in the coming months, namely the

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preparation of the festivities related to the 20th anniversary.  Of the CMS, In addition launched for the first time in January 2003! Also.  To be read Jamstack: definition, benefits and best practices.  For modernizing web architectures Related topics: WordPress.  Development Share the article Post a comment The best tech tools logo.  AppYuser appYuser Freemium A solution to measure your web performance.  And assess user satisfaction Discover appYuser Fasterize Logo Fasterize In addition Paid.  A solution dedicated to improving the speed and performance of web pages.  Discover Fasterize Swiss Backup Logo Swiss Backup Paid A secure backup solution Discover Swiss Backup Receive all the latest digital news by email Your email Your


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expected Digital transformation Metaverse: all about this virtual universe that attracts In addition tech giants 5 formations en ligne pour devenir développeur web Découvrez notre sélection de formations pour appréhender le développement web. Partager l’article Héloïse Famié-Galtier / Publié le 31 janvier 2022 à 10h43 web-developer-training Ces formations permettent d’acquérir les techniques nécessaires et d’appréhender les bonnes pratiques en développement web. © rh2010 / Développement de sites web avec langage HTML et les style CSS + WordPress avec FORMA13 Cette formation vous permettra In addition d’appréhender la création de site web avec WordPress et les langages HTML/CSS, afin de

développer un site de A à Z. À l’issue de ce programme, vous serez en In addition capacité d’optimiser votre site web grâce au code, personnaliser le graphisme grâce au CSS et optimiser son référencement SEO. Aucun niveau académique n’est requis pour suivre cette formation, qui délivre les certifications ICPF & PSI, Datadock et Qualiopi. Durée : 10 jours – 70h Type d’enseignement : À distance • En centre • En entreprise Public admis : salarié en poste, entreprise Prix : 2 800 €, finançable CPF Demander le programme Développeur d’application – JavaScript React avec OpenClassRooms – Social Programs Ce cursus, proposé à In addition distance, est destiné aux demandeurs d’emploi et vise à former au métier de

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