The 42 Typical Phrases of Mothers Version Two

Exactly one year ago, the Italy WhatsApp Number List digital agency Waitaki uploaded to YouTube “The 42 typical phrases of mothers” , a humorous video about the most repeated sentences by Chilean mothers that also reflected the attitudes of mothers in the world, so it quickly went viral. Regarding mother’s day , the second version was published yesterday. The truth is that the phenomenon that brought the first video of the agency was quite curious. Just as the first audiovisual piece went viral, the “42 typical phrases of…” began to be a challenge for the creative team. The humor hooks and people wanted more. Then other typical themes arose: the father, the pregnant woman, the census, the alcoholic, the jealous women, the schoolchildren, the barbecues, etc.

With the Already Emblematic Actors Italy Whatsapp Number List

Then the concept went viral and Italy WhatsApp Number List handcrafted copies of the song appeared. From then on, the agency has been in charge of making educational videos with the same concept, such as “42 ways to get sick this winter” and the campaign carried out by police officers to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol “The 42 phrases of the drunk drivers” . The agency continues to create other success stories, but it does not leave aside the variations on the theme that never gets boring, but rather eagerly awaits to share that simple humor that is sorely lacking in the world.

Concept Went Viral and Italy Whatsapp Number List

Italy WhatsApp Number List

With the already emblematic actors Italy WhatsApp Number List, Jorge-coke-Santana and. Sonia Prieto – who is not really an actress but was empowered in the role – the agency continues to maintain the expectation of the media that, as soon as a new product appears, they fight for spread it. On the occasion of mother’s day , version two of “The 42 typical phrases of mothers” was presented yesterday. Here it is and although the language is quite local. Surely more than one phrase. You have heard before. With similar sentences. From your mother or someone else’s mother. As a comment on the first video.  How good it is to know that. All the mothers studied in the same part. Although many think that this no longer an issue. It is still very important. Because is enough to analyze any. Account in google analytics to discover. That the highest percentage of visits comes.

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