Minimalist Design: Tips and Inspiration to Master the Trend

At its core, minimalist design (or minimalism) is functional. No extras, no waste. Every element—including shapes, color palette and typography—is necessary. A simple geometric shape or form is given the power to stand in for a more complex object or idea. Simplicity in form and composition is valued above all things. Minimalism works Netherlands WhatsApp Number List because our eyes and brains only have a finite amount of attention to give to a design. By giving our eyes fewer items to consider, we devote more attention to the ones that are there. This makes minimalism very versatile: from apps to logos to packaging and printed products. There’s no design that can’t benefit from this trend.

Architecture and Graphic Design

The minimalist design trend — Minimalist design first arose in the 1950s and 60s as response to an increasingly noisy. Technologically-advancing culture. Suddenly simplicity. Then Clean lines, and oodles of white space began to appear more and more in visual art, architecture and graphic design. Logos by Saul Bass These logos by legendary mid-century designer.  Minimalism was more than primed for a comeback.

Minimalism Is Most Ubiquitous

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Then Only now are we seeing its power to grab attention in the ever-scrolling world of social media or mobile experience. From clean and airy websites to stylish Instagram feeds full of tasteful flat lay photography, brands across the spectrum are fully embracing the minimalist design trend. Then Minimalist design is everywhere — Logo design Logo design is one of the places where minimalism is most ubiquitous. Why? Because when it comes to a logo, the canvas you’re working with couldn’t be smaller. But Everyone wants a logo that stands out, that creates an instant reaction, and leaves a lasting impression of your brand’s values and ethos. The less cluttered this tiny space.

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