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Likes Reply Hans Boersma Author Belgium Phone Number February 3, 2022 at 15:15 Hi Thomas.Thank you for reading my article. While writing a blog article with news value, this is always a consideration.Do you already write an article. So that it does have news value, but with less data.Wait with posting an article until you have sufficient and clear data.But you Belgium Phone Number do miss news value. I opt for the first.But I try to substantiate everything as clearly as possible and also with data from.Customers – whether over a shorter period of time. It always remains Belgium Phone Number a risk, but I consciously did it. After so many years of working in.

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Google Ads and for a wide range of Belgium Phone Number customers.You have a ‘fingerspitzengefühl’ whether something works or not and whether. A new type of campaign works or not to work. – Google machine learning. Campaigns (such as Belgium Phone Number Smart Shopping) tend to perform less. Well first and then better. If Performance Shopping is already doing better in the ‘learning phase. It is not a bad idea that this continues to improve and develop.  Between the writing of my article and the final placement, we collect more data and here we saw that the ROI for Belgium Phone Number the 3 webshops still keeps the improv ROI and sometimes better.

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The Metaverse Belgium Phone Number

In addition, the lead generation Belgium Phone Number customer now has a much lower CPL, so this also ties in with my earlier point. Of course I took this into account in my consideration of placing the piece as it is now. 0 likes Reply Robin February 10, 2022 at 12:19 pm Hi Hans, Thanks for the informative article. I wonder one thing, perhaps you have an answer to Belgium Phone Number this: suppose you run ads for a webshop with a very wide range, then you will Belgium Phone Number not have to focus on individual products in the content, but on the webshop in general.

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