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That relate to the experience of a specific group of people. Entries for Trade Awards must be clear and concise. However,  I will look for fun, effective and visually compelling examples of great marketing/branding.” —Ezra Firestone A great campaign should not only be creative, but also truly speak to your target demographic. Melissa Gonzalez “I look for innovative ideas, a unique but highly relevant approach to storytelling. For Trade Awards, I want to see a clear correlation between goals and execution, combined with creativity. A great campaign must not only be creative, it must also truly speak to its target demographic.” — Melissa Gonzalez What advice do you have for those submitting work to the Marketing and Branding category? “Tell us what worked AND why you think it worked! Show and tell.”

Ezra Firestone Tell us what worked AND why you think it worked! Show and tell. ezra fire stone “Illustrate goals, thought process.  However, And your qualitative and quantitative success metrics. Melissa Gonzalez Examples of award. Winning marketing and branding Our judges offer some examples of exceptional marketing.  And branding in the wild. EverLane shopify commerce awards. Everlane Ezra’s Pick: “I think EverLane China Business Fax List recent denim launch did exceptionally well. Marc-jacob Uber Daisy Daze Campaign Melissa’s pick. I really love what Marc Jacob’s Daisy brand did a year ago. When they partnered with Uber to redecorate.  However, The interiors of a fleet of their cars, immersing passengers in a field of daisies.”

What Are You Looking for in Exceptional

Source Sweden Unlimited You may also be interested in: How to Build an Abandoned Cart Email Sequence. However, Applications and development category Developers delight and empower merchants with their apps every day on the Shopify platform. It’s no small feat, and we’re dedicated to showing some app love with this year’s Trade Awards. This year, we have divided applications and development into four award categories: The best store experience with the Storefront API – Shopify’s Storefront API enables developers to create unique shopping experiences on virtually any interface. We’re looking for developers who think outside the box and create epic shopping experiences in the game and beyond. Better app experience with the Marketing Events API:


The Marketing Events API enables marketing app developers to demonstrate how actions generated through their app lead to sales. We are looking for an application of this API that will simply and effectively display data from marketing campaigns to merchants. The best in-store experience with Shopify Scripts – When creating discount solutions for your customers, it’s important that they are easy to use and don’t slow down an online store. We are looking for the best promotion solution built for a client with Shopify Scripts. Better App Design with Polaris – Polaris is a design system that helps designers and developers create user interfaces that feel consistent with the Shopify experience. We’re looking for the best app design that uses elements of Polaris.

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The judges Two judges are responsible for reviewing application and development submissions this year: Gavin Ballard. However,  Founder of the consulting firm Disco and author of the Mastering Shopify Themes course. Elena Li.Product Designer in Shopify (Developer Experience). What are you looking for in exceptional applications and development? “The most important thing for me is attention to detail. If an app is sloppy on some of these UX and presentation elements, it can make users feel less confident about what’s going on behind the scenes. For the Commerce Awards, I’ll be looking for apps that solve real problems for store owners. We’re not looking for the most complex solutions, or apps with a million bells and whistles. However, we want apps that address a specific business problem in the simplest way possible.

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