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With over 1,200 different plugins already offered on the rapidly growing Shopify App Store.  Shopify developers have excelled at recognizing emerging technologies. And their potential applications in the eCommerce industry. For example, September 2016 marked the launch of the first Shopify VR plugin. Thread Studio, a platform that allows users to try out clothing designs by modeling.  Them on mannequins. This followed the launch of the first Shopify store offered entirely in virtual reality. Before that, the developers integrated with the pioneer of AR Augment. Which allows users to easily bring augmented reality to their Shopify store. While Shopify developers and designers have responded to the adoption of technology trends like AR and VR.  There are still emerging technologies that are ripe for integration with Shopify.

Chief among these new technologies is the Internet of Things, or IoT. Which is growing massively. The inevitable role of IoT in eCommerce creates a huge opportunity for Shopify developers to leverage this technology for their customers. Below United Arab Emirates B2B List are just a few IoT use cases. Some theoretical, some already being widely deployed today. Either way, they’re great examples of how eCommerce companies have capitalized on IoT, and how Shopify developers can start to innovate within this new frontier. What is IoT? In a nutshell, IoT is the connectivity infrastructure: a network between users and their physical environment. It encompasses not only human-device communication, but also machine-to-machine communication, where devices work together to obtain and process data without any human interaction.

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With IoT, the same network used by your smartphone or tablet is extended to everyday objects. The car, the watch, and now the retail store. What sounded like a distant, Jetson-esque fantasy just a few years ago is now a reality. And it’s only growing in size. Therefore, What sounded like a distant, Jetson-esque fantasy just a few years ago is now a reality.  It’s only growing in size. The International Data Corporation, or IDC, projects that the IoT market will be worth up to $1.5 trillion by 2020. After money, an increasing number of developers are transitioning to IoT-based projects. , as shown in the VisionMobile infographic below. . IoT Use Cases: Developer Population for IoT A chart from Vision Mobile projecting how mobile developers have and will continue to transition to IoT.


That’s a meteoric rise, and not only does it indicate that IoT will continue to be relevant in technology consciousness, but it also conveys a sense of powerful influence. The massive growth of IoT will create thousands of new markets and reshape many others. This is especially true for eCommerce, an industry that is still in its infancy and therefore malleable enough to change, grow and intertwine with new innovations in technology. In fact, users have already expressed their desire for IoT compatibility with their businesses. A store owner, who wanted a new notification method that wouldn’t bombard his phone and computer with noise, created his own IoT-based solution, a “notification bug.” It’s a fun and useful device, but not every store owner can design that kind of integrated system.

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It’s up to Shopify Partners to offer these types of IoT solutions and devise other potential use cases for IoT in eCommerce. Therefore, Let’s take a look at some IoT use cases and dive deeper into how Shopify developers can start to innovate in this new realm of eCommerce. You may also be interested in: 17 Incredible Ecommerce Trends That Will Boost Your Sales In 2017. 1. Beacon technology Consider a customer walking into a physical store, ready to shop, with their smartphone in hand. What if there was a way to recognize when a customer came in and automatically send promotions and discounts right to their phone? What if, while browsing the aisles, your phone notifies you when you’re looking at an item on sale? Or that this item was available in your size?

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