Major Changes To Google Maps API

I’m afraid to say, is not good news. It’s already causing a few headaches. As of 11th June, Google is slashing free usage limits and significantly increasing the cost of using their Maps API. Free usage is now capped at $200 per month, and prices have been raised by around 1400%. bugherd-campaign-dan-2022 Furthermore, to continue using their API at all, you will need to have set up a billing account and have entered credit card details. Google Maps API changes will affect anyone using Google Maps on their site – even a simple embedded map.


If your company has a website


That probably means you. We’ve summarised some of the key points below and included links to all the relevant articles. What Is It? Google are heralding the launch of their new Google Maps Platform – “the next generation of [their] Google Maps business”. They have condensed their 18 different APIs into three core products – Maps, Routes, and Places. These updates will not affect existing code. They also Vietnam Phone Number claim to have simplified their pricing structure, although it’s highly questionable as to whether they’ve achieved this. channable-in-page-campaign-social-commerce-2022 The key changes are: 1. As of 11th June, you will need to have created a Google Cloud Platform billing account.


Complete with credit card details

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To even continue using the API 2. Monthly usage is now capped at $200 worth of API calls. If you use Dynamic Maps on a page, that equates to about 28000 page loads per month (down from around 25000 per day) 3. Prices have increased dramatically. Google hasn’t officially given any kind of comparison, but some sources are estimating it at around a 1400% increase Who Will It Affect? In short, nearly everyone. Almost all websites have an embedded Google Map somewhere on their site, and since Google removed keyless API usage two years ago, this involves using (or ‘calling’) the Maps API. Even if you won’t be affected by the $200 limit, you will at the very least have to set up a billing account complete with your credit card details.

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