Magnetix the New Application for Conquerors

The temptation is there, to get it you only need la magnetic Santiago, Chile.- using the idea of ​​the matrix , which already belongs to the collective consciousness, applied to the need to conquer with perfect ideas, a new application is born – la magnetic  – ideal for those who want to become conquerors. It is an idea of ​​pro-am & yr , for big time by dos en Uno, carried out by the production company de mentee , where the best way to conquer women is promoted, suitable for every human being who has an android or phone and that it is not clear what to say when starting an intelligent conversation. It’s clearly satire, but the app exists, but it still doesn’t get enough public ratings.

Who Want to Become Conquerors

Who will dare to confess its use? We share with you the three commercials of the creative directors lavabo Becker and Francisco caved, with the Albania WhatsApp Number List art direction of Sergio araya. A couple of interesting news from the micro-blogging network Santiago, Chile.- fans of the micro-blogging network have long complained that 20 lists on twitter may be a small number. Of course, it is not possible to keep an eye on everything that happens when you follow a considerable number of accounts. Twitter has just changed the landscape regarding this issue, expanding the number of lists allowed per user.

The Saturation of the Two With People

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The idea of ​​avoiding the saturation of. The two with people you follow. For a specific topic is an excellent measure. But it was of little use when we only. Had the possibility of creating 20 accounts. The world is much wider and the company. With the little bird realized this. Expanded the number of lists allowed per user. To a thousand! Along with the above, as reported through his twitter for news account, the possibility of expanding each list also increased. That is, if before you could collect up to 500 accounts, now you can also collect up to 5 thousand.

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