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Your partner has left the city and has left you the task of taking care of the plants. Now you have some leafy friends in your care and you need to decipher your partner’s handwritten note to know exactly how much water to give them and if they should be placed somewhere shady and sunny. To make sure you give your plants exactly the care they need, you can use the Peppy Plant app. This beautiful and accessible app provides all the necessary care details for different houseplants, as well as the ability to set reminders to provide recommended care. In addition to making your thumb even greener, you can learn from the data flow structure how to guide users through providing information and placing natural prompts to encourage action. beautifully designed apps – full of life.

Lake Application beautifully designed apps: lake appWhether you’re trying to avoid the stress of holiday shopping or need a relaxing way Israel WhatsApp Number List to pass the time while traveling, coloring for adults is a popular activity. Since it is not very convenient to carry a coloring book and a set of colored pencils, many coloring applications have appeared on the market. A particularly beautiful and relaxing coloring app is Lake. This app has received a lot of praise for its design, and when you start using it, you’ll see why. While coloring on a phone screen and using your finger as a pencil might feel mechanical, with the tool’s bubbly transitions and screen-switching flows, the app’s user experience is pretty whimsical.

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There are also special touches throughout the app that help you feel more connected to the artists behind the coloring pages. An example of this is pop-ups indicating special paint palettes for the app user to use, developed by the artist in question. beautifully designed apps: lake Lake is a great example of how attention to details like animations and transitions can really enhance an app experience. 5. Simple Wealth beautifully designed apps – simple wealthFrom Santa’s money to Christmas bonuses, it seems like a lot of cash changes hands during this time of year. When finances fluctuate, many people consider exploring new savings and investment options. However, financial planning is a task that very few people enjoy.


It is often difficult for them to figure out.  Where exactly to invest their money and how to keep the funds invested. Knowing how difficult it can be to review financial details and savings goals.  Investors at Wealthsimple created an app with.  A simple and straightforward onboarding flow. To break down this daunting process into something clearer and more straightforward. Beautifully designed apps – simple wealth app.  They make great use of microcopy to provide additional.  Advice on how to answer the onboarding questions. What this app demonstrates is that even if setting up.  An app properly requires a lot of input from users, by breaking large requests into small parts.  And using microcopy to help users, setting up onboarding can more engaging and easier. To follow for app users. .

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You may also be interested in: Microcopy: Why Tiny Words Matter. 6. Reserve beautifully designed apps: bookoutFor some, the holidays allow for a quiet moment to catch up on reading. To help keep track of what you’ve read, save notable quotes.  And take note if you’ve lent your favorite book to a friend, Bookout acts as your personal reading assistant. With its simple transitions (just swipe the book to the top left for details), fun graphics, and achievement badges to reward users for reading, this easy-to-navigate app adds an extra layer of fun to this common pastime. beautifully designed apps: bookout app By taking a commonly enjoyed activity and adding gamification, this app has the ability to further engage an existing audience.

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