Logotype Vs. Logomark Vs. Logo: What Is the Difference?

you want a logotype or logomark?” It’s one of the first questions you need to ask yourself when looking for a logo, because it has huge ramifications on branding, but it’s also a question that tends to stump people. After all, what’s the difference, Argentina WhatsApp Number List aren’t they both just logos? You might as well choose between a diffendoofer or a grickily gructus. If you don’t know the difference between a logotype and a logomark, don’t feel bad. Plenty of people are just as confused as you—enough folks to justify us writing an entire article about it! If you’re planning a logo design or logo redesign.

What’s the difference between

Take a quick glance below to see if your brand would benefit more from a logotype or logomark, and why. Upward. logo Is it a logotype or a logomark or both? This logo has different variations. Designed by sheva™. What’s the difference between a logotype and logomark? — A logotype is a logo centered around a company name or initials, while a logomark is a logo centered around a symbolic image or icon. The general term logo refers to all marks that represent a brand. So, when a designer asks whether you want a logotype or a logomark, they’re really asking if you want a text logo or a picture logo. Logotypes are also often referred to as wordmarks or lettermarks.

The Name Can Be Designed

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Argentina WhatsApp Number List

Examples for logomarks (or pictorial marks) are the Apple logo, the Twitter bird or Target’s target. Apple pictorial mark logo Twitter pictorial mark logo Target pictorial mark logo Where it gets confusing is when the lines between them blur. A lot of logos have both text and a picture. Some logos have text that forms a picture.

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