Locomotives, Bicycles, and Walking, and Through Matching Order System, the Distance

Between food pickup and delivery will be set according to the mode of transportation. So that bicycle or walking delivery partners will not be allowed to overloaded. Therefore, elders who are interested in trying delivery work can choose a suitable time for delivery work every day. It is undoubtedly a good way to start the second spring of their career and earn pocket money. It can not only achieve the effect of activity and fitness, but also more importantly what’s more, there are more opportunities to interact with the outside world. Life of the orange generation: diversified cooperation to create a happy senior life with the help of technology in

Addition to the mature people with amazing spending power

and the ambitious and energetic retirees, also pays attention to the many disadvantaged silver-haired people in the society who need help. And actively launches various programs to connect with more elders. For example: in response to the dietary needs of the elders, cooperated with university’s “Taste kitchen” to launch a silver-haired food delivery service, delivering specially designed healthy Morocco Phone Number meals to the community dining bases for free, responding to the super-aged society with practical actions. Need. In addition, has also cooperated with to allow elders with special needs to order “Care meals” and living aids that take into account both the deliciousness and convenience of eating. Whether it is the ever-smile nursing meal imported from japan, or nutritional supplements, high-quality

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Walking sticks, auxiliary chopsticks, magnifying glasses

Be easily ordered and purchased through , so that the elders can enjoy the same level of good quality of life as the silver-haired people. [news photo 2] invests in public welfare and cooperates with usr to launch silver-haired delicious food delivery service photo credit: invests in public welfare and cooperates with the usr (university social responsibility practice program) of tunghai university to launch a silver-haired good food delivery service. With the help of technology, delivery platforms have become a daily tool that is very close to people’s lives. Through various plans, holds the original intention of “Delivering happiness. Not only seeing the business opportunities and needs of mature age groups, but also working with “Orange generation. To make the second half of life bright, not lonely, bright and happy. You may also like despite “Showing goodwill”,

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