LinkedIn app will better organize your contacts

The social network LinkedIn re-launched a new application for ios, LinkedIn contacts. An Greece Phone Number List intelligent contact management system, which will allow linking with google, yahoo and Microsoft, and thus improve interaction between people in your work environment . LinkedIn is a social network that allows you to create your professional profile and work experience, with the aim of sharing it. In this way, people can promote themselves and find a better job. Internationally, it has increased its users; at the beginning of January this year it reached 200 million users. Thus, more and more companies are contacting potential employees through this social network. For marketing companies it is a good opportunity to find new talent.

Invite to action get people to participate

Currently, the platform has been. In Greece Phone number constant renovation, and its new LinkedIn contacts application seeks to improve interaction between people in the same professional field, since it is an acquaintance management system that will be linked with other applications from google , yahoo , Microsoft , tripe and overtone, as if it were a personal assistant. The young CEO: the precocious taxidermist with this new tool, your LinkedIn contacts will be better organized, reported the TechCrunch portal. The new application will only be available in the app store in the united states, to later launch it internationally. In your digital marketing strategy , knowing what to post and how to do it will help you get more followers.

People in the Same Professional Field

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When brands post a link on Greece Phone Number List. they expect users to click on it; but how to achieve this? There are no magical solutions; you simply need a strategy and analyze how you promote your link. Thus, the link text should attract your audience. These are some tips that can help you, according to the raga stem dream job: the soap bubble artist use a list people love lists; for this reason, share links where you list the qualities and virtues of your product or on a topic that is related to your brand. Promise something title your link with a promise.

People will like to Greece Phone Number List know what your brand can do. Ask a question put your link with a question. Thus, users will be interested in knowing the answer. Invite to action get people to participate. You can tell him that if he clicks on your link he will get important information. A targeted message direct your message to a specific sector; that is, name a group, for example students, and tell them that your link will help them get information of interest about their profession, studies, advice, etc. The objective of your link is to generate traffic to your site, and thus win the preference of your audience over your competitors.

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