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Elizabeth and James microsite and Mary Kate Olson’s fashion company has a website built on a custom CMS without any eCommerce functionality. To experiment with e-commerce, Simplistic recently created a microsite for them with just two products (a watch and a perfume) to limit their initial investment and test the waters. shark tank Often times, companies featured on the Shark Tank show only have a basic Squarespace site or Kickstarter page. They will often turn to Simplistic to help launch a microsite ahead of their appearance. “They’re like, ‘Oh shit, this is a great sales opportunity,’” says Andrew. “So they come to us at the last minute to take advantage of all those looks on Shark Tank.”

Alex and ani microsite: alex aniThis great jewelry brand has its main website in Magento. Simplistic created a Shopify failover microsite for them so that when the Magento site goes down, they can move visitors to the microsite, which is Guatemala WhatsApp Number List  capable of handling the traffic. sample sales Many fashion retailers, especially in New York City, rent warehouses to allow employees, friends, and family to purchase samples of their sale items. But real estate isn’t cheap, and remote employees can’t always get to a New York warehouse. Many fashion brands are turning to microsites to offer private sample sales, and Simplistic has helped build many of these. Simplistic Microsite Tips Keep it simple. There should be very few steps to checkout and you should not inundate visitors with information.

Make Special Offers Based

Focus only on what they need to know. Let’s say, for example, that a pair of jeans appears in GMA. Viewers have already gotten the sales pitch on TV; They understand the product and the price. But maybe they need to know that jeans can be machine washed. “Only give them the information that is essential for them to make the purchase,” says Andrew. Use it as an opportunity for bigger contracts. Many of Simplistic’s clients got their first exposure to Shopify through their GMA microsite. After seeing what the platform could do, many of them decided to migrate their entire website to Shopify. Simplistic has built an entirely new business arm to focus on these migration opportunities.


One example is NineWest Canada, which switched to Shopify after experiencing.  The platform for the first time during its appearance at GMA. SOVI Creative. Specialists in unique campaigns Simplistic isn’t the only agency that has found a niche.  With creating microsites for clients. Stephan Peralta.  Creative Lead of Toronto-based SOVI Creative, shared two recent brand campaigns.  He worked on with his agency that leverage microsites to tell a specific story about a niche product. Doritos Ketchup Roses microsite: ketchup doritos. If you’re reading this from outside of Canada.  You may not be aware of the love affair Canadians have with ketchup chips.”

Take Advantage of Applicable

If you’re reading this from outside of Canada, you may not be aware of the love affair Canadians have with ketchup chips. In my personal opinion, they are the best of all the chip flavors, but I will try not to let this bias interfere with my narrative. Doritos Canada was looking for a direct-to-consumer opportunity to get specific e-commerce information about their customers that they were previously unable to access due to their B2B business model. The company decided to bring back a limited edition of ketchup from its tortilla chip and launched a Valentine’s Day campaign where, no joke, they took the chips and assembled them by hand into the shape of a rose. They targeted Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal and offered the product for free. (“Doritos Ketchup Roses | Yes.

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